Teaching Your Older Kids Bike Safety, 2022

No matter your age, bike safety is essential. When you buy your child a bike for college, make sure you review basic safety tips and campus-specific rules. Most students use bikes to get around campus but may not know the best ways to keep themselves safe from injury, crime or legal prosecution.

Be College Ready

Many college campuses have rules about where people can ride bikes. For example, there may be “pedestrian only” zones where the following aren’t permitted:

  • Bikes
  • Scooters
  • Skateboards

You should also talk to new students about drinking and biking. While it may not seem dangerous compared to drinking and driving, it can result in collisions and injury. It’s also illegal in many areas.

Using Your Bike To Commute

Anyone planning to commute should look up the rules for e bikes Orange County or the applicable municipality. Most places govern electric bicycles using the same laws as traditional bikes, but it’s always a good idea to check, just in case. Getting a refresher on local bike laws doesn’t hurt, either.

Review Routes

While using a bike to explore is part of the fun, new college students should be at least somewhat familiar with campus and the surrounding area before hitting the road. Look at maps with your kids and chart out routes they’ll likely use. You can also join the Neighborhood app to learn about crime rates and shady streets to avoid.

Ride Against Traffic

Bicyclists should always ride against traffic. This habit allows them to see oncoming cars and react quickly in a dangerous situation. Since riding against traffic can be intimidating at first, students should practice on smaller roads before heading to campus.

Do Not Ride Too Fast

Though bikes can’t reach the same speeds as cars, they can go fast enough to be a problem. Emphasize to your new student that a slower pace is better to avoid accidents.

Keep Bikes in Good Shape

A well-tended bike makes for an easier ride and more control. Even though college life can be busy, students should set aside time once a week to check the following:

  • Chain lubrication
  • Brake levers
  • Tire air pressure

If something’s off, riders should take their bikes to a professional before using them again. Many campuses have bike co-ops that offer affordable repairs.

Ensure the Bike Fits

A bike that’s too big is difficult to control, while a bike that’s too small is uncomfortable to ride. College students should find a bike that fits them just right. How can you tell if the bicycle’s a perfect size? Riders should be able to stand with their feet on the ground and their rear near the seat.

Wear Sturdy Shoes

During the hot months, it’s tempting to bike in sandals or even barefoot. However, doing so can lead to foot injuries. Your kids should wear sturdy shoes such as sneakers whenever they bike.

Do you want to put the pedal to the metal, but bikes just aren’t for you? Try a tricycle for adults. You’ll have more stability and room for accessories. Adult tricycles are also excellent for starting conversations, as they stand out in a crowd.

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