Candy Mechanics – Edible Selfie Station on tour.

How many times have you thought to yourself
“How amazing would it be to have my face made of chocolate?”
Every day, I’m sure!
Just me?

Thanks to Sam, an engineer with dyslexia, who mixed up likeable with lickable (we’ve all been there), your my OUR dream can come true.

It’s taken a couple of years and a LOT *cough half a million cough* of money but Sam’s concept is now an exciting reality.

On Friday I popped into Leeds to meet Sam, Caz and the team who had been up into the small hours setting up ready for the opening of the Edible Selfie Station.
Mine was the first face to be made into a Lolpop, an edible selfie!
I am a face pioneer! (I’m not)

I sat in front of a large touch screen while Sam slowly moved what looked like a nail gun around my head (a bit freaky if, like me, you’re watching the current season of American Horror Story…).
The hand held device was actually scanning my head and within minutes a 3D scan was there on the screen in front of me.

I could move it around to check it was OK and choose what chocolate I would like to be made in.
Unfortunately I’d used my default RBF and I couldn’t edit a chin or two out…

A card is then printed to tell you what you’ve ordered and which drill would be processing the order.

The whole Selfie Station is beautifully curated, like a performance art exhibit.
The drills sit in individual perspex boxes that are perfectly lit to reduce any glare or back light.
Social Media perfect for videos and photos.

The drill then carves your face out of chocolate.
It takes just five minutes and is mesmerising.
A small lolly made from a fragile material being carved by drill.
I could have watched for hours.

Once the drill has done it’s business, one of the mechanics trims any edges and dusts the finished Lolpop with gold.
You heard me.
Not only can you be immortalised in chocolate but you can also be dusted in gold.

The amount of consideration put into this project is phenomenal.
From scanning a face and ‘telling’ the drill how to carve, to the configuration of the drill speed and creation of the chocolate so that it doesn’t melt whilst being carved.

The chocolate isn’t that ‘plastic’ stuff found in cheap advent calendars. It’s high quality, handmade Belgian chocolate, but then I’d expect nothing less.
Will, the chief chocolate taster and tester (why can’t this be my job?) is a former  Green & Black’s employee, he certainly knows his stuff.

Not only is the chocolate top quality it’s also vegetarian, the dark chocolate is vegan.
EVERYONE’s a winner.

This is exactly how I look of a                               morning.

I looked at my lolly and I saw me, as did Rory.
When I showed it to others they couldn’t see it was me.
My brother said it looked like Rod Stewart.
Then it struck me!

As genius as the process is, it doesn’t do shading, contrast and eyeliner!
My Lolpop looks like me before I’ve put my make up on.
It can only work with what’s it is presented with.
It is genius not miracle!

At £7 a Lolpop it’s not completely cheap but it is different and unique.
I’m happy to pay a little bit more for something hand (drill) crafted and high quality.
I am bored of buying gifts just for the sake of it.
This is something quirky that would be really appreciated.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to lick my face?

Thanks for inviting me along Candy Mechanics!

The Edible Selfie Station Pop-up is touring now:
Trinity, Leeds – 3rd Nov – 26th Nov.
Cardiff, St Davids – 1st Dec – 23rd Dec.
Glasgow Buchanan Galleries – 29th Jan – 18th Feb.

If you’re nearby, get yourself along to see it all in action.
If you can’t get to the pop-up never fear, you can order your Lolpops online here by following the very simple instructions.

You can follow Candy Mechanics on Facebook and Twitter.

I was immortalised in chocolate in return for writing about the experience. As always, all opinions are my own.
I’d do it again. 

Thanks for reading, I'd love to know what you think.

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