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    Hip Op Hooray – Hip Replacement Surgery.

    I have written before about my Hip Dysplasia, how it made me feel, and how gutted I was when my surgery was postponed. This time last week, thanks to a last minute cancellation, that very same hip replacement happened! I…

  • Things to Consider To Create Space in a Small Room

    Things to Consider To Create Space in a Small Room

    Being the second born has both it’s pros and cons. Pro – The parents are a little more laid back, they’ve made all their mistakes once. Con – You are stuck with the smallest bedroom. Our smallest room is big…

  • A hip xray that probably isn't with dysplasia but gives you the idea

    Living With Hip Dysplasia

    I’m going to hold my hands up and admit that the title of this post is probably a little misleading considering I didn’t know I had hip dysplasia until I was 41 years old – it will offer no actual…

  • Change Begins with You

    Change Begins with You.

    I’m going to hold my hands up and admit, I find people really tricky sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE people, I find them really interesting. Some are fun to talk to and others are lovely to look at…

  • keep your home warm this christmas

    Keeping Your Home Warm This Christmas

    It used to be that any self-respecting person would have to say “Bah Humbug” upon receiving a few lumps of coal in the stockings on Christmas morning. But for those of us who keep a close on the heating at…

  • 8 Christmas Gift Ideas

    8 Christmas Gift Ideas.

    Although this post contains products that were sent with the purpose of inclusion and affiliate links, I genuinely think these are some fabulous Christmas gift ideas.  I love Christmas but I hate buying gifts for people just for the sake…