• Parenting

    What kind of Mum are you?

    As a blogging sort I spend a lot of time procrastinating writing. With deadlines looming there’s absolutely only one thing to do – a quick ‘Which DC character are you?’ quiz (Batman of course).

  • Life

    Lessons I have learned. Well, some of them.

    Six years ago I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first-born (she was late already) and the start of a new and exciting chapter to my life. The chapter where I become a stay at home mummy (or SAHM…

  • Life

    All good things must come to an end

    And so, it is with a heavy heart that I have to announce the end of my 10 year relationship. It had it’s ups and downs. We had good times and bad. We’ve made dates, we’ve broken dates. We’ve shared…

  • Life

    Off up a mountain, BRB

    After a lengthy trip from North Yorkshire we have arrived in Wales! From the minute we crossed the border I’ve pointed to pretty much every hill and said to Rory “Is that it?” None of them have been it yet…