Sleep, it’s for the weak.

You may recall a previous post where I spoke about how bedtime in our house could be a bit of a rigmarole. Well, we cracked it! We had a full week of going to bed and going to sleep brilliantly. I was going to allow myself to be smug then… Continue reading “Sleep, it’s for the weak.”

Feelings, nothing more than feelings.

When I were young children didn’t have feelings!

OK, so that might not be actually true. As a child I did have feelings but they seemed kind of simple. I was either happy, sad or angry and I expressed these feelings by laughing or crying. I was very basic as a child and, if my memory serves me correctly (which it may not as it’s getting on a bit) all the children around me appeared to express their three feelings in the same way. I’m not saying this was ideal but that’s how it was in the olden days.

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Mother’s Day

As I sit here in the corner of my couch in a makeshift nest made of cushions nursing the mother of all hangovers I’m thankful that Seth has opted for the nap he usually refuses on a weekend. I’m thankful that Aoife knows how to manoeuvre her way around Netflix. But mostly I’m thankful that because of them I get to have a Mother’s Day. 

I’ve had a homemade card, I’ve got a scented candle in a smashed glass jar
*loud whisper*
“Daddy, I’ll give Mummy this card”
“Don’t forget to give her this too. Go careful, it’s glass”
I was given croissants to share for breakfast and both children are seemingly aware of my sensitive disposition today and are (so far) being little angels.  Continue reading “Mother’s Day”

“It ain’t no use putting up your umbrella till it rains.”

My name is Anna and I am a worrier.

I never used to worry, in fact in the BC years I was a ‘couldn’t carelesser’, but the minute I found out I was pregnant I started to worry.

Will I be a good incubator?
Will I want to eat coal?
How will I get this baby out? (Yes, I knew how nature intended me to remove it but I wasn’t convinced, I didn’t even read past week 33 in my ‘how to be pregnant book’ as it all started to get a bit icky).

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I’m sorry Satchmo but you’re wrong……

One of the biggest lies I told myself was that I have all the time in the world . I wanted a career and to live in exciting places and I had all the time in the world to achieve it. Continue reading “I’m sorry Satchmo but you’re wrong……”