Let’s hear it for the boy!

I realised I talk a lot more about Aoife than Seth, I guess as she’s older her interactions are funnier (Seth has a lot to live up to!*). So today we’re all about the boy!

This is my wonderful, amazing little man, Seth. It’s nigh on impossible to get a photo of him being still or looking at the camera.

Seth turned two a couple of weeks ago, initial observations indicate that he is going to be a bit of a conformist like Rory. He’s obviously been reading or been told about the ‘Terrible Twos’ phenomena and decided that’s something he can be down with.
Since his birthday, Seth has started having tantrums like they’re going out of style.

Recent tantrum reasons include;
Not letting him have a drink of coke (it was NEVER an option).
I wouldn’t put Blaze on immediately as I was just watching the end of something.

I had to actually MAKE his lunch as it doesn’t just appear (I’m good but not that good).
Today’s tantrum was because I wouldn’t go to the carpet shop, yes we could do with new carpets but I’m not going to purchase them on the way home from school.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that Seth is a big lad. He’s also strong, really strong (I have grand ideas of him being the next best winger for Rhinos, step aside Ryan Hall).
He has the ability to make himself edgeless when he’s having a tantrum, I try to pick him up and it’s like trying to pick up an oiled pipe with wet hands, he goes all stretched, limbless and slidey. Once I’ve managed to pick him up from the floor attempting to fold him into his buggy is almost impossible. Like bending steel rods. Once I actually get him IN his buggy he’s at a jaunty angle, kicking, screaming, snotting and telling anyone passing by that I’ve probably stolen him as no decent Mummy would put him through all this.

Obviously all this was taking place on the hill on the walk home so the buggy was trying to roll away at the same time. I just wanted to lie there and scream too (but the buggy would have inevitably rolled back down the hill, into the road and smashed my wine). It’s not exactly the best way to start a day.

A lot of Seth’s tantrums stem from the frustration of not being able to talk yet. He generally gets his point across by dragging me to what he wants, pointing and shouting in my face until I perform the right action. I’m like a fraught SIM character. It’s a tense guessing game, sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.

Aside from the tantrums, which are diva like-truly amazing, I’m not concerned at his lack of speech, he understands and gets his point across. In fact we suspect that probably can talk but Aoife doesn’t give him chance to so he doesn’t bother. I wholeheartedly believe that once he’s talking he’ll never stop again.
Then I’ll have two of them at it.
In stereo.

Even when he isn’t having tantrums, placid Seth is a force to contend with.
Walking with him is like walking a wild and angry baby elephant, more often than not he’s dragging me here, there and everywhere. Walking with him actually hurts. Sometimes he’ll just drop to the floor to have a little lay on the street and maybe choose a stone. Halfway across a busy road he will decide that is the time for a hug. Don’t get me wrong, I love to hug him but not in the middle of a 50mph street!

I feel like I’m on repeat sometimes
“Don’t stand on the DVD player”
“Don’t drive cars on the wall”
“Or the telly”
“Swallow that water, DON’T SPIT IT O…gross”
“Stop licking the telly”

The bizarre requests go on.

Hard to imagine this angel being hard work.

Trying to leave the house with him is a challenge in itself. Having children you get used to adding an extra twenty minutes on to your leaving schedule but trying to leave to get Aoife from school is beyond a joke sometimes.
Getting ready to leave the house today, a rainy day. I’ve finally caught him (after a one sided game of chase up and down the room), got him ready and into his buggy. I leave the room to get my coat, when I come back (less than a minute later) his wellies, socks, hat and gloves are off and across the room!

Is it a boy thing? A second child thing? A Seth thing? GOOD LORD WILL SOMEONE TELL ME!

He’ll come running over to me like he’s going to give me a cuddle then smack me in the face with  a car or a toy (never a teddy or a feather) laughing hysterically all the while.

He’s non stop, a typhoon! If I could catch him long enough I’d put a pedometer on him, he must exceed his 10000 steps a day.
I’ve been known to say that if he were my first child he’d probably be my only child.
When he goes to bed I’m exhausted.
Even the cats go upstairs when he comes downstairs on a morning and downstairs when he goes upstairs on an evening.

However, despite all his thuggery and heavy handedness he is an amazingly sweet and affectionate little boy.
He’s growing a fantastic sense of humour.
He has seen Toy Story (1,2 &3) so many times that he copies all the actions and facial expressions.
He likes to hold Aoife’s hand on the way home from school and sit really close to her to watch films.

He likes to get on the bed and wake me up every morning (even though I’m only pretending to be asleep, we both know he’s not fooled).
He likes to roar at me like a dinosaur then have big tickles and, every now and then, he likes to cup my face in his tiny little hands and gives me lots of kisses.
This is my favourite thing ever.

I wouldn’t change anything.
He’s my boy.

*Obviously this is a joke.


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