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The Polar Express Train Ride Review

Polar Express has got to be one of the most magical Christmas films. If it’s not in your top 10, do you even like Christmas?
Thanks to the roaring success of the film, several heritage railways around the country have the rights to run their own Polar Express in the run up to Christmas.

We visited the Polar Express train ride ourselves and Aoife decided to give you her full and frank account.

Hello I’m Aoife, I’m 6  years old  I’m going to tell you about our trip to the Polar Express. First  Mummy and Daddy picked me up from  school. Then we drove to a cottage and got changed into our pajamas. I thought we were going to get fish and chips but we sat in a line of cars, it was late and dark. It was 18:30 so not really late. Aoife was REALLY mardy and I was ready to shout “turn this car around” but we were stuck in a queue and going nowhere. 


When we got out of the car we walked through a tunnel of  lights to get our tickets, the children’s tickets were golden. Then we got on the train and we saw the conductor when we got on. Next at our  seats we had a  mug to take home. Then the train started moving and then  the chefs did a dance and sang a song called hot chocolate. Then we drank hot chocolate and ate a cookie while we listened  to the Polar Express story. Then the conductor came and talked to me and did holes in my ticket that made the first letter of my name. After we saw the north pole outside, it was all lit up and Santa and the Elves were there. The Elves were dancing and Santa was waving. Then they came on board.

All of the performers were brilliant, they remembered everyone’s names and really kept in the spirit of things. I went to take a photo of Seth and when I came back Aoife had told one of the ‘chefs’ our entire life story. A few minutes later I was surprised to hear over the mic that we were all to sing Happy Birthday to Aoife as she turned 6 the previous day! She is such a shy and retiring girl…..

We shouted Santa and he came to our carrage and gave the children a bell from his sleigh. Santa left and we all did the conga and we sang songs with chef Jonny until we got back to the station. I enjoyed having a cookie and hot chocolate and listening to the story best. The bit we could have done for free at home!  I had a brilliant time and I want to do it again.

Thank you for reading lots of love from Aoife.

So there you have it, the first ‘review’ on my blog by a 6 year old.
Who better to review a magical, Christmas experience than the very person it is aimed at.
Seth was happy as long as there was a train and food. He’s a boy with low expectations.

I really would certainly recommend The Polar Express train ride as a festive trip for your family and we will definitely do it again (though I’m hoping for Disneyland Paris next Christmas).
I would recommend taking the trip in the evening as I can’t imagine the North Pole seeming quite so magical mid-afternoon in the rain.

2019’s Polar Express Train Rides are running throughout December in Norfolk, Telford and Wensleydale. Tickets are on sale now and selling out fast.

Joyeux Noel!!

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