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Pets and children are alike in so many ways.
Neither let you go to the toilet in peace.
Both demand attention 100% of the time.
When you say you’re getting one everyone tells you they’ll look after it but they don’t really want to when push comes to shove.

OK so that last one might not be ENTIRELY true.

Whenever we go away we do have the rigmarole of trying to find someone to look after our cats.

The cats  don’t like going to the cattery, Xabi took weeks to forgive us last time so we need someone to come to the house to look after them.

It feels like a big request asking someone to drop in on them every day. It’s also more difficult in the summer when everyone is going on holiday around the same time. We usually manage to find someone but I like to check out all of my options in case I need a Plan B.

I keep toying with the idea of a pet sitter for those times we can’t find someone or feel like we’ve asked too often. Pet sitting is one of those things, it’s an amazing service being offered but it is also trusting someone to enter your house whilst your away to look after your pets.

If we are going to entertain the idea of a pet sitter I don’t just want to choose the first one I come across. Step up Bidvine. The site can find professionals for almost every service you could need from music tutoring to painting and decorating or from Personal training to Pet sitting. Not only can they find the required professionals within your local area but they can compare costs and get quotes for your job sent to you directly.

The process couldn’t be more simple. I start by providing my postcode and the service I require. I then answer a variety of questions relating to my needs, in this instance.

What kind of pet? How many? How often will they need sitting? What services are required and when?
I particularly like the use of specific questions.
It ensures that I will only receive quotes from someone who can provide the service I require and they will also know exactly what is required of them.
There’s no chance I’ll be getting a quote from Geoff the dog walker who hates cats.

Once you’ve answered all the questions that’s it. Just sit back and wait for the quotes, they will be either emailed or text to you and you can choose the best at your leisure and hire the pro. Customers are also able to review the professional they hire which can be helpful when choosing someone to look after your fur babies, take that family portrait you’ve been threatening the kids with or fixing your shower.

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