Arthur Price Despicable Me 3 cutlery & crockery review.

We are a Despicable Me and Minion mad house.
We’ve seen all of the Despicable Me films and mini movies. We’ve seen the Minions film and mini movies.
We’ve slowly gathered a LOT of  minion paraphernalia.

I don’t know what it is about Minions that are so appealing.
Is it their cute little faces?
Is it their made up language that seems nonsense aside from the odd ‘banana’ and ‘butt’?
Is it their ability to win through in the end despite maybe not even meaning to?

Who knows?

But we’re hooked.

We have soft toys and plastic figures.
We have t-shirts and hats.
We have toothbrushes and holders.
We have pyjamas and pillows.
We have pants and socks.
We have colouring books and games.
We have most things you can imagine, emblazoned with those little yellow cuties.

When family owned business – Arthur Price offered us the chance to review their new Despicable Me 3 range  we weren’t going to say no to extending our collection.

The range comprises of a bone china collection featuring Kevin, Stuart and Bob (KING BOB!) and two four piece cutlery sets.

Seth is recently out of his high chair and so I decided that as part of his transition to ‘big boy’ dining, he would be the lucky recipient of the crockery and cutlery.
I’m also holding out a lot of hope that Minions cutlery will encourage him to actually use a knife and fork rather than just shovelling spaghetti into his mouth with his hands.

Miracles may happen…

The bone china collection contains a small mug,  plate and bowl. The quality is fantastic, I was actually a bit apprehensive about giving Seth china because, well, Seth.
But so far it’s intact.
The mug is an ideal size and not too cumbersome for him. The crockery items can be bought individually with prices starting at £8.95, as a two piece breakfast set or a three piece gift set retailing at £24.95.


The children’s cutlery is available in the ‘Sea of Minions’ design or ‘Expression’ design. We received the latter.

Each item features a different Minion Expression; “I don’t share”, “Powered by bananas”, “One in a Minion” and “Blumock!”.
I’m not entirely sure what the last one means but I’m pretty sure Rory can be one at times….

Being a range for children, the cutlery is smaller as you’d imagine with the handles nicely rounded in a way that they can get a decent grip to use them.

The cutlery isn’t flimsy at all. In fact, like the crockery, the quality of the cutlery is faultless. Made of 18/10 stainless steel and coming with a 15 year guarantee, I think it’s safe to say that Seth’s dining tools are far superior to the stuff the rest of us use! The cutlery sets retail at £24.95 each.



All of the items are dishwasher safe, I haven’t put them through the dishwasher yet though as I’m only allowed to use it at Christmas….
They’ve been used washed a few times though and haven’t lost any of their shine or colour at all.

The cutlery and the crockery come in lovely presentation packs and would make a perfect, lasting gift for the little Minions in your life.

You can follow Arthur Price here on Twitter and here on Facebook.

We received these products from Arthur Price for purpose of review. This post contains an affiliation link to Amazon, you can see my full disclaimer here.  All opinions, as ever, are my own.  




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