Seth’s New Bedroom – Ollie & Leila Review

I harbour a secret.

I love interiors.

I make private Pinterest boards of things I’d like in my house.
I long for our house to have a rustic, classic vibe.
A bit vintage and a bit quirky.
Every time I decorate a room I imagine beautiful furniture, plush bedding and little knick knacks all around that make it look Insta-ready.

Rory and the children, on the other hand don’t care.
As long as there are seats to sit on, beds to sleep in and curtains to close, they’re just fine.

As a result when I decorate it’s got to match our existing Swedish classics.
The walls I repeatedly paint are covered in hand prints and God only knows what else.
We don’t have knick knacks because, well, Seth.
Our soft furnishings are designer supermarche.

One day. ONE DAY.

Most recently we’ve decorated the kids rooms.

Seth has made the transition to ‘big boy’ bed.
Yes, we left it quite late but I’ll be honest, he hadn’t figured out he could climb out of his cot and I wasn’t quite ready to let him roam free.


Eventually we had to suck it up and he moved to a big bed so the children swapped rooms.
As always Seth got Aoife’s hand-me downs.
Her old room and her old bed.
The poor lad always has her cast offs so I decided I’d try to make his room a lovely space for him.
I even let him choose his own paint!


When Ollie and Leila got in touch asking if I’d like to review something from their range.

I said

“Yes please, I’ll take one of your BEAUTIFUL boys beds please”

Oh. How. They. Laughed.

I took that as a ‘No’ and instead took a look at their bedding range.

I chose the Trucks & Diggers duvet set as I’d aimed for a bit of a transport theme in Seth’s room.
He’s a big fan of vehicles, specifically construction vehicles and despite finding nice curtains and wall stickers I had previously failed to find bedding to match.

When the package arrived I was SO excited.
Seth, on the other hand, was a bit ‘meh’ (I suppose we can expect nothing more from a three year old).



That was until he saw them on his bed.
He shouted “BULLDOZER- MINE BULLDOZER” which translates as

‘Blimey Mummy, I rather like my new bedding’.

Then he got into bed, which would have been a win if it were bedtime.

I was really impressed with the bedding, it’s 100% cotton. It looks and feels like really good quality.
Better quality than my bedding!


The vehicles are sewn on rather than being a print which is a really nice touch.
It gives it a nice ‘home made’ old school feeling, despite being very contemporary design.

The bold colours and simple design are really striking and clearly good fun for Seth.
He sits in bed telling me the names of the vehicles on his
“beautiful bulldozer bed”.

The only thing I would note is that the washing instructions state a 30 degree wash. Not ideal for removing *some* of the glorious delights children leave in their bed for us.

I just need to convince Rory we need one of those pretty, handmade beds to ‘complete the look’ now….

I received the Trucks & Diggers duvet set from Ollie and Leila for purpose of a review.
All opinions are entirely my own. I didn’t REALLY ask them for a bed, that’d be well cheeky. 

Thanks for reading, I'd love to know what you think.

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