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Father’s Day Gift Ideas – 2020

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For those of us who acknowledge it, we are heading toward Father’s Day at a rate of knots.  I find buying for the men in my life tricky at the best of times, but what do we buy the Dad who’s been locked away for three months that can be ordered online and sent directly to him in order to keep up with the social distancing rules?

Luckily for you I have a few ideas.

A Short Break

With many Dad’s working from home now the daily coffee break is likely just a cup of instant coffee and a digestive biscuit. The humble coffee break could be so much more! The Bialetti Moka Stovetop Pot is the perfect gift for any coffee lover. Not only does a Bialetti classic pot look smart in any kitchen it makes a flipping good coffee too – Lola’s House Blend is a real treat, a dark espresso blend with a hint of caramel and cocoa. If your Dad likes something a little sweet with his coffee then Mummy Meagz Sea Salt & Cinder Toffee Rocky Road will compliment this break perfectly. With Belgian chocolate, crunchy honeycomb and topped with fluffy marshmallow, these indulgent bars are a lovely little snack, almost toffee-y – they are also vegan and gluten free so all Dad’s can enjoy them.

Fathers day break

Something Classic

There comes a point in life where the things we like become ‘classic’ – I believe this point is traditionally called ‘middle age’. More often than not, the term ‘classic’ brings with it a hefty price tag (see also vintage or retro). Luckily, as long as the classic desired isn’t a Porche 911 turbo – many of those things that will bring back fond memories for Dad are affordable. Rory is a fan of ‘Classic’ clothes so the traditional Levi’s T-shirt from Mainline Menswear is definite contender for him. With brands including Lyle & Scott, SuperDry, Ted Baker and Ralph Loren there are plenty of ‘old school’ style clothes to choose from though some are more ‘classic’ (read ‘pricey’) than others.

Father's Day Gift Mainline

The Elixir of Youth

OK maybe you can’t give him the actual Elixir of Youth but you can gift him some products to make his face and skin look fresh as a daisy. Growing up,  it was always marketed as women who having a beauty ‘regime’ and men just using soap and water. Things have moved on and many men thoroughly enjoy a bit of a pamper. Kear is a new, unisex range of body and face balms, oils and soaps from Greece using authentic and simple ingredients to restore the skin’s natural energy. Both the Calm & Revive Body Oil and the Soothing Body Balm Arnica Herbal treatment are perfect post work out treat for soothing sore muscles and re-hydrating skin.  With prices starting from £4 there is something for every budget. The soap and face balm smell so fresh and they really do leave your skin feeling a lot happier.


The Joy of Giving

Given the current circumstances we know that charities up and down the land are struggling more than ever. I’m sure you saw the recent petition from Chester Zoo urging the government to reconsider their stance that zoos would remain closed indefinitely. Good news, the government changed it’s mind and zoos can now reopen from Monday – unfortunately this permission has not been granted to countless other cultural or heritage attractions that run as a charity. Many open air museums, theatres etc. rely on customers to raise money to preserve the history they are sharing and so now are in a bit of a crisis.

Why not take a look at that museum or day out your Dad likes and see if they offer vouchers that can be purchased now for use later – many have innovative ideas in place. North Yorkshire Moors Railway for example is offering ‘virtual’ gifts. In return for a donation Dad could soon be touring a footplate from his living room! If you prefer something a little more tangible, why not just buy a few gift vouchers that can be used once the attraction is up and running. It’s not only something for Dad to look forward to once lockdown is lifted but it could also keep these charities afloat.

Father's Day North Yorkshire Railway


Everyone loves a gadget but the men in my life like them more than most! The Polaroid Play 3D pen is ideal for those gadget loving dads who like to be a bit crafty, it’s also the perfect gift to get some quality Dad/(older) child bonding done. Set up is straightforward and the pen is easy to use so once you’ve downloaded the app you’ll be ready to go. Together they can use the pen to make their own 3D chess pieces, cars, animals….whatever their imagination can come up with. It will keep them entertained for ages.

The Play 3D pen can be used to create freehand models or be used with the Play Trace App which enables you to bring your own photos into 3D life. If all that feels a bit too much you can just trace existing templates for a 3D model and attach the parts to create something just as impressive. Although the Polaroid Play 3D pen is a great activity for Dad to do with the kids it IS recommended for ages 14+.

father's Day polaroid


Quality Time

Dad may THINK that for Father’s Day he’d like a bit of a rest, maybe to watch the football in peace. What he would probably LOVE though is an activity for him and the kids to do together. Something fun. One skill that many people have picked up during lockdown is bread baking, flour is STILL like gold dust round these parts. That’s not an excuse for Dad to avoid becoming the next Paul Hollywood though as Roberts Bakery have put together this cute little Father’s Day Get Baking Kit. It contains everything Dad and the kids need to bake their own loaf or make their own pizza dough, all they KNEAD to to is add water and oil and they are good to go.

Father's Day Roberts Bakery







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