What I earned blogging this month - change and a bus ticket
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What I earned blogging this month

‘They’ used to say
“Never talk money, politics or religion”

I don’t know who ‘they’ were or why they were such an authority but it really doesn’t matter anymore.
These days it seems people are happy to discuss one, or all of these subjects at large.
It’s no longer deemed impolite or crass.
Folk LOVE talking about how much they earn.

In fact, it seems recently that a lot of bloggers have started posting about how much they make a month.

This is really useful for a variety of reasons.
1) It’s an honest insight into how much bloggers are earning.
2) It helps some of us gauge what we should be charging for certain things.
3) It helps new bloggers realise how much they can expect to make – the sole reason to blog right?
4) I love a good nosey at other peoples stuff.

I read these posts with interest, as many people do, so I decided to add my tuppence worth.

A little bit of insight.

I have been blogging since January 2016, so that’s 19 months. I went self hosted in March 2017 which is when I consider that I started ‘taking it seriously’ – that is to say when I started pushing it so more than my family were reading. So for the last 5 months I have been ‘proper’ blogging.

I generally put in around 35 hours a week ‘blogmin’ and there is often very little physical to show for that.
Most of my hours are put in when the children are in bed. I do try to sneaky do stuff on a day but Seth takes umbrage with my not providing him with 100% of my attention during his waking hours.
I am also more than aware of the irony of parking him in front of Cbeebies for a couple of hours while I write about how bloody hard this parenting lark is…

So all this taken into account, the hours I put in on top of my full time job as a SAHM – Oh yes I did, I referred to it as a job! The hours I’ve laid in bed mentally writing lists, posts and emails.

How much has it made me in this last month?

For ease of seeing exactly where income comes from I’ve broken it down into my four main areas:

YouTube- £0
Instagram – £0
Social Media – £0
Blog – Bedding, Candle, glasses and a cuddly toy.

When assessing my breakdown I realised it’s not as much as some other bloggers are making in a month.
In fact, I couldn’t even really afford that tuppence worth!

I decided to be nosey and ask some other bloggers, who I admire greatly and consider to be so much better than me, what they earned in this last month.

Erica at  The Incidental Parent  – A crockery & cutlery set.
Laura at The Unsung Mum – £0
Alice at Living with a Jude – Curtains (yet to arrive)
Faith at Raising Moonbows – £0
Lisa at Pass the Prosecco Please – Duvet, teabags, socks & a mirror.
Donna at The Sleep Thief’s Mummy – £50. Yes, £50 cold hard cash!

So there we go, blogging isn’t easy money as many people think.

It’s hard work and a lot of learning.

Some people do make a lot of money but most don’t.
To go into blogging with a view to making easy money.



Luckily we’re in it because we love it.


I’m off to see if the credit card people will accept a duvet toward our balance 😉


  • Charlotte

    I loved this! I agree people think that blogging is easy money and yet I haven’t made a penny from my blog. It’s my hobby, I do it for the stress relief and the occasional free meals ?

    • Anna

      I’ve made a few quid here and there but I could never say “I earn £x a month” as it’s so sporadic. Unless of course I say “I earn £0 a month” for that is accurate!

  • The Hippy Christian Mum

    Brilliant! Love it! I’ve been blogging since May 2016 and made just over £100 cold hard cash and had some stuff for reviews but yes I am generally always working on my blog in some way or trying to so it’s not a lot but like you, I do really love it. 😉

    • Anna

      That’s what’s important isn’t it? You can tell when the passion for writing has been replaced for the desire for cold hard cash 🙂

  • Jayne Brown

    I know how much time you put into your blogging but like most folk didn’t realize just how much time and there’s me here complaining that I don’t have time to read all the blogs that I would like to read. Well done everyone keep up the good work.

    • Anna

      Thank you, I’ll be honest…. I wasn’t sure if it would be taken in the right context but so far all response has been positive. Hooray!

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