Mokuru review and giveaway

I’ve never been one for ‘crazes’.
I’ve never been ahead of the game (except wearing dresses and trainers together. I was doing that well before Lily Allen – yes I’m very aware my modern and hip reference is over a decade old…)

I like to think I was too busy being cool to conform but in reality, I was just probably too laid back to notice.
By the time I clicked on to a ‘craze’ it had been around that long it was too embarrassing to ask the ‘rules’.

Growing up in the 90s this means I missed out on a lot of crazes.
I didn’t really ‘get’ Tazo’s or Pogs. For a long while I thought you just collected them, I didn’t realise they were games.
Alien birth pods or Monster’s in my Pocket were just a bit too nerdy.
I totally understood Naff Co 54. Joe Bloggs jeans and Popper trousers but I didn’t follow the craze.
As I mentioned, WAAAAYYYYYY too cool.
I did have a Tamagotchi though, I’m not quite sure what happened to him, he probably grew up healthy and left home or something…..

Anyway, here we are in the 21st century and there’s a brand new craze in town.
No, not the fidget spinner, that’s been and gone.
I missed it.

The new craze is Mokuru and it’s simultaneously ridiculous and enthralling.

In laymen’s terms ‘Mokuru’ is a bit of wood you flick about.

Bare with.

In actuality, it’s the latest craze from Japan (and we ALL know Japan make the best crazes).
A handheld, wooden desktop ‘game’ for kids and grown ups alike.
Originally designed to test balance and focus, Mokuru is now a ‘thing’.

I was given the chance to review Mokuru and I’ll be honest, I leaped at the chance of being ahead of the game, for once in my life.
I figured that, as with crazes, it would arrive and I’d just know what to do with it.
That’s how crazes work right?

My Mokuru arrived, in Matcha green. It’s a stylish looking thing.
A hand sized wooden ‘baton’ with rubber ends in a small packaging WITH NO INSTRUCTIONS WHATSOEVER.

This is living life on the edge for me.

The children got very excited and threw it about the room and at the wall a bit.
After it had taken a small battering we then decided to check out Mokuru’ site to see what we were actually meant to do.

We watched in awe as it was flipped, balanced, spun, made patterns and made games.

We had been doing it wrong.

We now knew how to do it right so we tried again.

We threw it about some more.
Aoife span it in a circle and we tried the tricks we saw.

We failed spectacularly.

Mokuru is bloody difficult.
It’s also ridiculously addictive.

It’s going down a storm in our house.

In the late 90s I used to set myself silly rules when playing games,
“I’m not allowed a cigarette until I’ve completed this level on Donkey Kong 3”

Today I’ve found myself saying
“I can’t have a coffee until I’ve flipped this three times and stopped it on it’s end – NO KIDS IT’S STILL MY TURN”.

Mokuru is simple yet brilliant, the website suggests it can be played anywhere, even in class.
I think any teacher would go nuts listening to 30 of them clattering about so maybe don’t take them to school!

You have the chance to win one of two Mokuru.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Get yourself ahead of this new craze, your kids will think you’re well cool.

You can find out more about Mokuru here
and visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

Terms & Conditions
No purchase necessary. Giveaway starts 30th August 2017 00:01 GMT and ends 13th September 2017 23:59 GMT.
This giveaway is open to entries from the UK only. Two winners will be selected at random using the random winner generator within Rafflecopter. The winners will be contacted by email and their names will be displayed on the giveaway page. The winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize, if I don’t receive a response within that time  new winners will be randomly selected.
The prize is 1x Mokuru per winner. Unfortunately colour can’t be stipulated.
There is no cash alternative.
I will only pass on the winner’s details to the sponsor in order that they can contact the winners regarding their prizes. I will not store or sell your information and will only use information provided to contact the winner.
Disclaimer. I received Mokuru for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own – as always.


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