Big ideas and little humans.

I feel like I’m constantly decorating this house, like the Forth bridge the painting never stops.

For some reason, we have chosen to have ‘safe’ neutral walls, with a bright feature wall of course.
Unfortunately, we have also chosen to have children who just can’t resist constantly touching the walls with grubby hands, driving cars along them or even drawing on them.

We’ve even had drinks spilled down and food dropped up the walls.
Don’t ask me how, it shouldn’t even be possible but my kids clearly have skills.

It is rare these days that I can even find a clean bit of wall to create the perfect Instagram backdrop – can you even imagine?!

It is entirely my fault for choosing neutrals, why do I do this?

Especially given that I’m such a colourful character!

I think my main worry that if I choose bolder colours I’ll get bored of them quickly for my attention span is that limited.  Then again, I’m constantly redecorating so it makes no odds if I get bored as long as I’m not insisting on a new couch every time!
I may as well risk something bolder.
I’m also pretty convinced that bolder walls and colours will hide the muck more.

I love big, bold retro prints – think Orla Kiely.
Alas, I can’t convince Rory that £60+ for a roll of wallpaper is ‘worth it’ because ‘it looks pretty’.

Brick interiors are a bold move at the moment too.
No, not like Hilda and Stan had in Corrie, though that WAS delightful.
I’m thinking those brick slips you can get to bring a bit of an old fashioned yet post modern vibe to my interiors.
Throw in some of those fancy rustic, wrought iron lights that are bang on trend and a few units made from reclaimed railway sleepers and the look will be complete!

Big idea, little humans

Not only will it hide the muck and create an ambience but I’ll be able to create some of those ‘laughing joyously with my family in front of a fancy brick wall’ pictures that any influencer worth their weight does, from the comfort of my own living room.
We wouldn’t even have to leave the house! It could be a win win situation.

Alas, like the Forth bridge, my ideas are too big so, for now, we’ll stick with our neutrals and hand prints.
But a girl can dream.

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