The Soundtrack to The Film of my Life
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The Soundtrack to The Film of my Life.

Today, as the children are away, I listened to the wireless.
For half an hour, each song took me back to a time in my life.

In that way good music does, it evoked memories and feelings.
Conversations and people I had forgotten.
Some I miss and others I’m pleased to see the back of.

I realised how much I miss listening to the songs I love!
How important it used to be to me.

And so, I decided I would create the soundtrack to my life.
Then I realised, as I am nearly 40, the soundtrack to my whole life would be bloody lengthy.

Instead I created the soundtrack to…

The Film of my Life.

If it helps with the imagining, Melissa McCarthy would play me in The Film of my Life (that bears no resemblance to my actual life).

The opening credits

Here we will be introduced to our leading lady. She’s probably just going about her business buying coffee, being happy and while no one knows exactly what she does. Maybe she’s a spy, maybe she’s a master criminal, maybe she’s in ‘media’. It matters not, she looks fabulous and confident,  the audience assumes her life is pretty great.

She’s Not There – Zombies

The party bit

Where our leading lady and her friends are enjoying a night out at a discotheque or some such place of fun. There will be drinking, dancing and singing. Secrets shared and a bonding friendship moment. We know who’s got her back.

Cheap Thrills – Sia


The fall in love bit

Where she spends time with someone and falls in love. He was probably a friend, someone unassuming. She didn’t even realise he was a potential suitor until this moment.  They like each others company, make each other laugh and it just happens naturally.

I’d Rather Dance – Kings of Convenience


The happy bit

Where she and her now beau do wonderful fun things like ice skating, frolicking in meadows, going on fun fair rides, blobbing ice cream on each others noses and ‘romantic’ stuff like that. They do double dating and throw dinner parties, they’re the couple everyone aspires to be. Oh they are so cute!

Cherish – Madonna


The things are going wrong bit

Where some misunderstanding occurs, we’ll not assign blame. Both will probably dwell on it internally rather than talk about it. Never good. The misunderstanding leads to miscommunication and it starts to spiral out of control.

Maps – Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs


The sad bit

Where the loved up couple are no more and she sits alone, missing him.
Or her cat died. Or her phone fell down the toilet. Or she ran out of wine. Sad stuff like that.

Every Rose Has It’s Thorn – Poison 


The montage bit

Here our couple independently recall the happy times and wonderful memories they share.
Luckily to the same song or this bit would be awkward to portray via the medium of song.

You’ve Got The Love – Florence and the Machine. 


The tense bit

Where there’s some action. He decides he must absolutely win her back because, you know, she’s pretty cool.
It probably involves a lion. Or an airplane.
Most likely a race against time though.

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt – We Are Scientists


The romantic bit

Where they get back together. Probably in a big, romantic way.
On a pier or maybe at a big Christmas party.
With snow.
There will probably be a smooch and all their friends will weirdly be OK with this despite it being awkward.

I’ll Stand By You – The Pretenders


The it worked out OK bit

Where we fast forward one year to immense happiness.
A wedding, babies, puppies, chocolate, something like that.
Lots of smiles and a hint toward a sequel.

You and Me Song – The Wannadies


The closing credits


Roam – The B52s

So there we have it, the soundtrack to The Film of my Life (that bears no resemblance to my actual life).

What would be on your soundtrack?
Who would play you?



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