5 Tips for Juggling Your Responsibilities

Do you often wonder how you manage to juggle all your roles without dropping everything?

Trying to raise our children to be happy, healthy humans can be so stressful that returning to your career probably feels like a welcome break! And research shows that two thirds of stay-at-home parents feel optimistic about returning to the workforce.

However,  as rewarding as it can be, returning to work is also one more responsibility to navigate. So, if you’re preparing to add another helping to your plate, there here are five tips for juggling your responsibilities without enrolling in circus school.

Shared Calendar

Trying to keep track of your family’s activities can be difficult. In the old days, we used to put calendars on the fridge, but with the evolving technology all around us, there’s a better solution. Using an app like Cozi, means that you can have a shared calendar for your family. And when your kids are old enough for their own phones, they can add their plans to it as well!


When life starts to get to demanding, take a breath and ask yourself which job is the most important. This is where you’ll start – by prioritising your time, you’ll make sure that nothing essential gets left behind. Sure, the laundry might need putting away, but it’s probably best that you pick your little ones up from school first! You can always enlist them in the task when they return home, though sometimes they can be more of a hindrance than a help.

Distance Learning

Perhaps you’re feeling like you need to brush up on your qualifications before you return to the workplace? This is understandable, industries are moving faster than ever, and taking time out can leave us feeling out of step. However, as we don’t live in a Dickens novel, it probably isn’t possible for you to pack your little ones off to the workhouse and tell them that you’ll be back to collect them in three years… Instead, consider a distance learning institution such as Anglia Ruskin University. When you use distance learning to further your education, you’ll be able to fit your study around your schedule.

To Do List

Each evening it’s a good idea to make a list of the things that you have to do the next day. Once you have it written out in front of you, you’ll find it far easier to prioritise your time. Having a list means that you aren’t wasting time in between tasks trying to decide which one you fancy doing next!

Time to Unwind

Taking time at the end of each day for yourself is important. It will keep your stress levels down and help you to relax. So, pack the kids off to bed, pour yourself a glass of wine, and curl up on the sofa to watch some trashy TV!

Juggling all your responsibilities can be a challenge, and yet we often keep adding to them like gluttons for punishment. It’s okay to admit that you love it!

How do you manage all your roles? Share your secrets in the comments below!


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