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Five unique gifts for grown ups

The only downside of Christmas, yes I can find one, is present buying.
It shouldn’t be a case of buying things just to have ‘spent the same amount no everyone’
It should be a time to find something that you know the recipient will really love. 

I don’t want the gifts I buy to be winceyette nighties, slippers and DVDs.
I want them to be a little different, to show a bit of thought.

I have compiled a small list of unique gifts for adults.

Retro football (or rugby) shirts.

If, like me, you have a football mad person in your life this is a really nice idea. Cast your mind away from the overpriced, ugly polyester football shirts of today and think of a finer time.

Toffs provide handcrafted, retro football and rugby shirts as well as other football related paraphernalia. They have replicas of so many teams both here and abroad.  I previously got Rory the Liverpool 1986 top, I was briefly the best girlfriend in the world.

This year, to please both his Francophile side and his football side, I opted for the France Group 1 1966 World Cup shirt. The French always have lovely football outfits, the Italians do too. We could learn from that.

Anyway, it’s a classy little number and could be worn casually without looking like he is wearing a football shirt, always a win.
It’s worth noting that some of Toffs items are made to order so  you might want to get your order in soon.

The Big Chilli Advent Calendar

Sous chef specialise in hard to find cooking ingredients and equipment from around the world. Whether your recipient is a full on chef sort or just a novice with a passion for food, there are so many fantastic items available from their website. The Big Chilli Advent Calendar caught my eye.

I’m going to hold my hands up and confess that when it arrived I was slightly disappointed that there were no doors to open, that doesn’t stop it being a brilliant gift though.  A black, glossy presentation box holds 24 bright red and very intriguing  packets each containing chilli in the form of either a whole chilli, flakes or powders.

The chillis range from mild Paprika to the burn your face off Carolina Reaper. Seriously, there is a suggestion on the box that you might like to wear gloves whilst handling the chilli. The Big Chilli Advent Calendar also includes a recipe book with 24 different recipes to use the chillis you receive. From Bhut Jolokia Lamb Rogan Josh to Chilli Vodka, there’s something for everyone.



These are a great gadget type gift and useful as well. The adjustable reading glasses are ideal for those who struggle to focus on things up close, more ‘mature folk’.  The Eyejusters contain a lens that can be adjusted by a dial on the inside of the frame, a similar principle to binoculars. The lens strength can be varied between +0.50 – +4.00 D.

I thought these would be really good for my dad because he is getting on, either for when he is reading his kindle, doing his jigsaw or trying to do fiddly little jobs. I chose the metal frames for him though acetate and multilayer are available.

Dad seems pretty taken with them, he wears them every evening so they must be preferable to wearing his usual ones. The only ‘downside’ he sees is not being able to ‘set’ the strength in one place, but then I suppose they would just be single strength reading glasses. With prices from £69 this is a great gift.



Wine bottle glass & Personalised Prosecco

Whenever I get a notification in Facebook that reads ‘Joan has tagged you in a comment’ I know it’s either a hilarious meme about children, a cute picture of a cat or a ‘Tag a mate who needs one of these’ post. All of these amuse me greatly.

There is one particular item that I have been tagged in repeatedly and every time I see it I think
‘I need me one of them’.
Now, thanks to Find Me a Gift I have one!
The wine bottle glass!
Yes, a gift for me.

I love my wine bottle glass, I used it in a Winedown  it amuses me no end. When you take a drink it makes a glugging noise which is terribly satisfying. Rory isn’t a big fan, he said
“It looks like you’re drinking from a bottle”
YES! That’s exactly what makes it hilarious.

I placated him with a ’10 Things I Love About You’ personalised bottle of Prosecco. I came up with 10 wonderful reasons I love him, ‘You make a mean curry’, ‘You’re a bit of a fitty’ and ‘You’ll share this Prosecco with me’ being ones that particularly melted his heart.

The Prosecco was good, he liked his bottle.

Charity Gifts

We all have one person.

The person who wants nothing for Christmas or the one who doesn’t like anything you buy them.
The one who you buy something for because you’re obliged (this shouldn’t be a thing but apparently is) or the person who just buys whatever they want whenever they want.

What do you get these people? Why a gift that changes lives of course!

Oxfam Unwrapped is a favourite of mine, rather than just buying a gift for the sake of it, you can do something charitable on someone else’s behalf. With charity gifts starting at £5 there is something for most budgets. You can feed a family, fight inequality, buy a pig to help make a family sustainable or Beat UK poverty.

The person who you are purchasing the gift for will receive a card telling them exactly what has been done on their behalf. You can even add little extras, chocolate or a diary,  at checkout so they receive a physical item too.
Everyone will feel warm, fuzzy and full of festive joy!

Now there you have it, five pretty awesome ideas.
You’re most welcome…GO SHOPPING!

Some of these items were provided in return for inclusion within this guide. All opinions, as ever, are my own. 



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