Getting S;ring ready with FabLab cosmetics #hair #nails #tattoo #haircolour #haircolor #nailart #glittertattoo #kidscrafts

Getting spring ready with FabLab.

Sometimes I look at Aoife with her big old brain and legs up to her armpits and I think
Where has she come from? Is she even mine?

Then she cracks a terribly joke, completely overreacts about something and I think
“That’s my girl”

Not only does she share my sense of humour and, um, ‘passion’ she also shares my love of self decoration.

Since being a teenager my hair has probably been every colour possible – even green (big mistake).
And I got a tattoo as soon as I was old enough.

Much to Rory’s delight, Aoife is showing a very keen interest in these past-times too…

When I showed her an email asking if we’d like to try out some of Interplay’s FabLab kits, it’s safe to say she pretty much exploded with excitement.
THAT’S how much she like this kind of stuff.

FabLab Glitter tattoo kit. 

Who doesn’t love a glitter tattoo? They look really impressive and take mere minutes to do. With 27 re-usuable stencils in the kit, there were designs that both Aoife and Seth liked so we all had a go.
Then I managed to get a last minute optician appointment and attended with glitter cherries on my forearm.

The kit comes with four glitters and a small body glue – you can purcase more glue from their website though I’m sure it’s easy enough to source.

The whole tattoo process is simple enough that Aoife and her friends can tattoo on one another without me having to help – I should imagine there’d be a bit of glitter lying about though…

FabLab Glitter Tattoo kit has an RRP of £9.99  and available from many toy stores, full kit details can be found here.

FabLab Hairlights. 

The Hairlights kit comes with 6 colours.  The hair colours were good but a little tricky to apply, they come in a compact similar to an eyeshadow compact and you are meant to run it down the hair to apply, it’s not as easy as they make it sound and once they’ve been used a couple of times and have a dink in the middle, it’ll be even harder to use them. A pen type application would be a lot easier.

Although bright in the compacts the colour isn’t as bright as I’d like BUT Aoife thought they looked brilliant and hers is the opinion that counts.
It does say that the colour washes out easily, and although it faded it did stain her hair and take a couple of washes to fully remove.  Aoife didn’t mind though, she liked going to school with a blueish tinge to her hair!

Handy Hint – put a towel on their pillow at bedtime as the colour will transfer!

FabLab Hairlights has an RRP of £9.99 and is available from all good toy stores. You can see check out online prices here. 

FabLab Nail Art Kit

With 7 colours, glitter and sprinkles, a tiny brush and instructions Aoife had BIG ideas as to how I could do her nails
“You can do each alternate one with a dolphin”

“Hmmm, maybe we can just see what happens eh?”

Needless to say, there were no dolphins….I managed to successfully create some ‘flowers’ and some beach scenes (they looked NOTHING like that) and Aoife was really happy with the outcome. Luckily, the nail varnish peels off so you can redo them pretty quickly if you need to.

I’m not very good at nail varnish at the best of times but this is something Aoife can do with her friends and probably a damn site better than I can!

The FabLab Nail Art Kit has an RRP of £9.99 and is available from most toy stores or Amazon

Getting Spring ready with FabLab #hair #nails #tattoo #kidscrafts #haircolour #haircolor #nailart #glittertattoo #glitter #springbreakideas

We were sent the FabLab kits for purpose of review. All opinions are Aoife’s own. Amazon affiliate links are contained within this post, if you purchase via them I will recieve mere pennies at no extra cost to you. My full disclaimer can be found here.



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