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I currently have an invested interest in invitations.
We have started trying to plan our wedding party and have decided that rather than send a Facebook invitation we’d send proper invitations out. 
It has been said on occasion that I can be a little fussy (I prefer ‘particular’) and so when I’m looking for somewhere to order my invitations I like as many options as possible. I want to be able to choose the right font and the colour that matches my shoes. I want to be able to include the image I choose and use as many words as I want.

OK, I can see why fussy is used…

Basic Invite might be the website to accept my challenge!  They offer a whole host of stationery options, from announcements to thank you. As I was browsing their site I noticed that they offer printed graduation invitations and university graduation invitations, I didn’t realise graduation celebrations were such a big thing now but why not? It’s always nice to get people together. They even provide thank you cards for graduation! They’re covering all basis.

With 180 colour options as well as three foil options – gold, silver and rose gold – you are going to find the colour you need to match your theme. There are also 40 envelope colours to choose from so your announcement or invitation is going to make a statement from the minute it land on the doormat.

As someone who is ‘choosy’ it’s not just the variety of available colours that appeal to me – I can  also order a custom sample of my creation.

I don’t know of many websites that offer this service, but being able to order a sample before commiting to a bulk order is a fantastic concept. There’s nothing worse than ending up with 100 invites that aren’t ‘quite’ as you anticipated. This way you’ll know they’re perfect before you order!

Once you’re ready to order you can use the address capturing service to share a link on social media requesting the addresses that you need. Family and friends fill in their details and they will be stored on your account and ready to use.

It really is a handy website and, importantly, simple to use. Always a bonus.

If all that wasn’t enough, Basic Invite are currently offering 15% off using code 15FF51

I’m off to browse wedding invitations!

This post is written in collaboration with Basic Invite but, as always, all opinions are my own and I really am, right now, creating invites. 

Thanks for reading, I'd love to know what you think.

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