Annie Bee’s Colouring Sheets for Parents – Oranges

Welcome to Annie Bee’s Colouring Sheets for Batshit Crazy Parents!
Here I create wonderful little pictures that you can download, print off, colour in and stick on your fridge.
They will probably resonate with you more than flowers, a car or a rabbit. 

I like colouring.
Not that namby pamby, intricate design type colouring.
Proper colouring, in the kids colouring books.
Unfortunately, my children don’t like me colouring in their books – jealousy.

So, I decided to take my art degree and utilise it!

Today’s colouring is based on a true story.
The other day I wouldn’t let Aoife eat the fruit because I was saving it for my G & T….

Probably not my best parenting moment, ah well.

You can download your own copy of ‘Oranges’ right here.

You are welcome!
Oooo maybe we can create a Tony Hart style gallery to showcase it all!




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