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Prevent chafing with Smoovall

Summer is here!
The sun has been shining for over a week, it’s too warm to wear proper clothes and so it’s time to liberate the summer dresses the woes that go with them – chafing or chubrub as it’s fondly known. 

Sexy Bloomers

I used to think chubrub was the affliction of the fatties, I was really embarrassed that I suffered.
I then came to realise that anyone with skin can suffer chafing. I tried talc, creams, deodorants – all sorts to try to make myself more comfortable in summer. In the end, despite loving a dress, I would spend a heat wave over heating in cropped jeans or leggings.

A couple of years ago, I was mooching about the internet (as I do) and I found myself some super sexy chubrub shorts, they swiftly became the centre of my summer wardrobe though sometimes they bring new issues when I inadvertently flash them…

This year, there’s a groundbreaking new product in town to prevent skin chafing – Smoovall.


Reginald Ofori dreamt up the idea of the product after learning about the discomfort experienced by his girlfriend from skin chafing. How sweet is that? Your boyfriend curing your discomfort has to be one of THE most romantic things ever. I’m not even kidding.


The hands-free spray, which lasts for up to four hours per application and is suitable for all skin types, forms an invisible and breathable layer on skin to prevent irritation.
“A handful of specially formulated creams we found on the internet were okay, but certainly not great. We believed we could do better so, with no user-friendly products available, we decided to develop Smoovall Skin Contact Spray which is non-toxic and doesn’t stick or rub off.”

But is it any good?

In a word, YES. I tested Smoovall under immense pressure. The first day I used it, I was helping at a kids party in 30 degree heat on a steam train. To say it was mafting is an understatement. I’ll admit, I was a little worried that it would suddenly wear off but it didn’t! By the end of the day there was nothing to declare. It was quick and easy to use and worked really well.
In order to give it a thorough testing, I gave Rory’s nipples a quick squirt and sent him on a 10k run in one of his t-shirts long abandoned for ripping his nipples to shreds. After a while he returned home sweaty but nips intact. Perfect!

Any downsides?

The information with it suggests that an 80ml bottle, the size of a body spray, would last 30 applications. Maybe we’re a house of large thighs and huge nipples but a bottle didn’t last us that long. At £12.99 I’d want a larger bottle.

Overall conclusion?

This is a great product, easy to use. No stickiness or adverse affects. I would definitely want to have a bottle in at all times. For me personally, the cost prices it out of being a product I’d use daily, I just couldn’t justify it every few weeks. It is something I’d have in for ‘special’. I’m going to save my other bottle for a wedding I’m attending and our wedding party. It’ll be nice to wear a nice frock without a pair of bloomers underneath.

Information you need

80ml of Smoovall costs £12.99, you will receive free P&P if you spend over £20. It can be purchased directly from their website .

I was sent Smoovall for purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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