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The longhaul destinations you need to see in your lifetime!

When it comes to holidays we can all be a little guilty of sticking with our usual European or not so long haul destinations, am I right?

Perhaps citing long haul as too expensive, or perhaps feeling like you don’t have enough time to plan the right locations or excursions you might want to do while you are there. But on the flip side, I think many of us have a bucket list of some sort, so when will you ever start ticking the destinations off? Sometimes it is good to step out of your comfort zone and if long haul travel is not normally something you would do why not make the change now?

I wanted to share with you some of the long haul destinations you must see at some point in your life. Hopefully it gives you the inspiration you need for your next holiday away.

Long haul holidays Sydney Opera house


Let’s go to one of the furthest destinations and that is Australia. Australia is one of those countries that I imagine to be on many bucket lists and for good reason. However, it is one of those destinations that you just can’t go to for that one week break. Even two weeks may not feel long enough. There is so much to see and do that I thought I would work my way through some of the most popular destinations in Australia that you may want to consider visiting and even living.

Let’s start with one of the most iconic cities and probably the most popular destination to be on your bucket list, that is Sydney. Sydney is really well known for the famous harbour bridge and that one picture of the famous opera house will have you install recognise the place. Of course, like May locations there is often more to the eye, and with beautiful Botanical gardens and Bondi beach, it is easy to see why. However, there are some other fabulous city locations in Australia. One other popular place would be Melbourne. Melbourne is famed for its coffee culture and vibrant city life. Even the suburban towns have flare to them. Other cities that you may want to add to your hit list would be Perth in Western Australia, Adelaide, Brisbane and Cairns.

Long Haul holiday Bali temple


When it comes to Asia you have to think about some of the very different types of holidays you can get from this huge continent. There will be holidays that you can take to relax, holidays where you wish to explore, and holidays where you feel like you need another break the moment you get home. But, that is what makes it fabulous. Let’s start with some of the iconic cities and locations in Asia.

Singapore is one of the most well known places, famed for its big influence in the financial sector, skyscraper buildings and humidity, it is one of those places that you could go on holiday to, stay for an extended break and work and make a decent life for yourself. You could look at a stylish HDB for rent to start off with. If it is just the holiday you are after then this city will still not disappoint. Other cities on your hit list might be Tokyo in Japan. You may have the impression that you will be rubbing shoulders with the AI of the future, but that isn’t necessarily the case. You may have a toilet that sings to you, but the experience is possibly an unforgettable one. Other places to consider would be the likes of Hong Kong and even Shanghai and Beijing in China. New Delhi is also an up and coming city in India and the like of Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta are making the mark as well.

If you want relaxation, Asia can still offer you some of the most unspoiled and picturesque destinations. White sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, ocean and palm trees, the absolute works. Bali in Indonesia is possibly one of the popular destinations to consider for holidays like this as well as Thailand. Although Thailand is really favoured by students taking a gap year, you can still enjoy the wonder of some of the most beautiful islands on offer. Finally, let’s not forget some of the other magical beach locations that include Mauritius and The Maldives. Heading further east will also give your The Philippines, with them being a collection of 7,000 islands you are bound to find some unspoilt beauty spot there.


Africa is the second most largest continent in the world, and is also the second most populous in the world. Crazily it covers a whole 20% of the world lands masse. Bit of fact there for you. Africa, unless you are wanting to consider a safari, which we will possibly mention later one, you might not necessarily see it as a destination for a holiday. But it may surprise you. First of all, let’s discuss the popular safari option. So many people have this sort of thing on their bucket list and Africa is one of the best destinations to do it in. Getting to see the animals in their natural habitat is potentially an experience like no other. With several different countries to experience in Africa you are actually more spoilt for choice than you think. South Africa is possibly one of the most popular places to go to and thanks to cities like Johannesburg you really have a lot to see and do there. One of the most popular things to do in South Africa, believe it or not, is to go swimming with sharks. It is definitely one for the Adrenalin junkies amongst you.

There is no hiding from the fact that Africa isn’t one of the most richest countries and in some regions poverty is the norm. With so many humanitarian and charity missions out there, you could choose to join one and actually do something worthwhile with the time you do have in that country.

Before you commit to a long haul trip, don’t forget sites like Britainreviews offer reviews from real travellers. Let’s hope celebrating some of these wonderful places gives you to inspiration and motivation you need to go long haul for your next holiday away.


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