When I'm Buying Windows

When I’m buying windows

I’m the kind of person who freezes when someone knocks on the door.
Who is it, and why didn’t they just text me?

Inevitably, once I open the door I realise they didn’t text because it’s the same woman who’s been knocking on my door twice a year for the last few years trying to sell me windows.

We’re just in the area letting everyone know about our super, once in a lifetime deal on windows.
Do you own this house?

For the first few years I made the inevitable mistake of ‘being honest’.

This would result in a lengthy discussion about windows, and a request for me to sign up

Just like your neighbour has 

I want to yell

LIES, the neighbour is at work!

But instead, I tell her my husband “deals with the money” and so I would talk to him, beside a child needs feeding. Then, in an attempt to appear genuine, I offer my phone number so Dave in the office can call and a better time could be arranged for us to meet and discuss my window needs.
Needless to say, I’ve not answered my phone in four years now.

Then I learnt the answer to save myself from this bi-yearly woe.

We’re just in the area letting everyone know about our super, once in a lifetime deals on windows.
Do you own this house? 

NO! I rent it, I can pass a leaflet on to my landlord though. 

Honestly, this is a life changer.

No more standing on the doorstep with the slightly intimidating woman trying to make excuses not to commit to spending thousands on windows –

No more having to avoid my phone every time it rings in case it’s Dave in the office.

Thing is, we’re getting to the point where we probably need to consider new sash windows but, well, it’s all a bit awkward now.
Once upon a time I told her I was the home owner, and now I tell her I’m the tenant.
She doesn’t bat an eyelid, either she doesn’t remember me as I do her, or she really couldn’t care less.
Either way, it leads me to wonder

How does one get a quote for new windows?

It’s not as exciting as shopping for clothes or couches or something.
They’re just windows, terribly useful but generally holes with glass in.

Luckily, you can do a lot of the legwork online.
The internet REALLY is fantastic isn’t it!?

With places like Get a Window, it’s possible to get up to four, no obligation quotes for your window or conservatory requirements without having to even answer your door – this is my kind of shopping.
Almost, it’s not quite shoes.

Anything that stops calls from Dave in the office is a win for me!

This post is written in collaboration with Get A Window.

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