Office Christmas Party with Fashionworld

As you very well know, I have been a stay at home/ work from home mum for the last few years.
Whilst this has an ABUNDANCE of perks – coffee breaks whenever I choose, not having to talk to actual people and singing as loud as I please –  the one thing that has always irked me is my lack of Christmas party.

When you’re self employed in a business of one, the Christmas party isn’t a thing. So while friends in the internet and real life are planning their outfits and getting ready to go out out for food, drinks and festive fun with their colleagues, I am checking when Rory’s Christmas party is so I can pencil in a bottle of wine and takeaway for one for my own festive frivolities. *Tiny violins*

When Fashionworld got in touch and said

Hey Anna, would you like to order something from our party dress section? Lots of perfect dresses for Christmas and New Year celebrations

I decided that rather than saying

No thanks, I have no invitations to such events

I would say

Yes please!

And imagine, in a Cinderella style, that I did have a ball to attend!

The choice of party dresses for the season was abundant, from a variety of brands including AX Paris, Quiz and Joanna Hope. You can see the choices here I opted for a terribly sparkly silver knit dress and a pair of red ankle boots.
Fashionworld Party dresses

This is the dress I chose, as you can see, it’s a delight in silver and ticks all the festive boxes.
Shiny, ruffles and knee length, perfect.
A photo on a hanger is never flattering though is it?

So when Rory trotted off for his work Christmas party, I decided to model my new outfit while enjoying my own festive party!

Outfit on – Check
Christmas tree – Check
Glass of wine consumed so I didn’t feel like an idiot – Check

We were good to go!

Now, as I am short of arm and I lack any kind of fancy phone holding equipment aside from my hands (I know, how dare I even call myself a blogger?), I started at the bottom.

Check out these boots.

Fashionworld boots

Aren’t they just the prettiest boots you ever did see? The are like a faux suede type material so entirely useless for going out in the rain or snow but then whoever bought a beautiful shoe for it’s practicality? No one ever says

Oh look at those delightful walking boots, they’d really set an outfit off nicely.

These boots also have a kitten heel making it a bit easier to walk in than an actual heel. I mean I couldn’t run for a bus in them but then I wouldn’t run for a bus anyway. I run for no one.

Everything is going well so far so let’s move up.
Now, I love a good selfie, who doesn’t? but my face doesn’t lend itself to selfies very well. It rarely complies with my request to look 20 years younger and less round.

Fashion world party dress

It also isn’t very good at smiling on demand, or maybe I hadn’t had enough wine to feel less like an idiot taking photos of myself at home….

I decided to go for the quizzical, intellectual kind of look. You know the one – sassy lady on a Christmas night out in a sparkly dress looking stunning but clever. Granted, aside from the sparkly dress I lacked that particular ‘tool kit’…

Fashionworld plus size party dresses

…and it all went a bit confused and slightly surprised headmistress (in a sparkly dress).

My further attempts didn’t get any better so I had a quick scroll through Instagram to see how the young cool people are selfie-ing these days.
I noted that the ‘Oh what’s that over there? Oh you caught me by surprise’ pose is a ‘thing’.

Fashion world party dress

You’d think!
As you can see, I ended up looking a bit like a blow up doll. Not my best look.

By this time I was getting a bit bored and I realised I was wasting my Christmas party for one taking lots of pictures…


So I just drank some wine and got on with the celebrations.

My dress was greatly admired and I did end up telling the boss what I thought of her.
I wasn’t best impressed but at least I didn’t photocopy my backside or snog that one from accounts.

I received these items for purpose of this post. Any opinions I have expressed are my own.



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