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The 9 Most Family-Friendly Holiday Destinations in Europe

While some destinations are beautiful or educational, not all of them are suitable for a family trip. Many destinations cater to young adults travelling and have few amenities and attractions you could take your children to visit. Some countries and cultures might also be less accommodating to children and you might end up feeling unwelcome there. In this article, we’re going to showcase nine of the most family-friendly holiday destinations in Europe, so you can narrow down your selection.


Lisbon, Portugal is an ancient city that your family can enjoy year-round. It is not cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. Your children can safely explore the medieval streets and a rather different culture. Nowhere in Portugal is very far from the sea, so you can take a day trip to the beach at any point during your trip. Or you can visit the castles of Sintra if your family wants to see more than the St. George Castle located in the city itself.


If you want to try something out of the ordinary, then you should consider taking your family to Malta on your next holiday. The country is picturesque, full of rich history, and tons of great monuments to visit with the whole family.

It’s also one of the most family-friendly countries in the Mediterranean and very affordable when compared with its neighbours. Whether you want to take a look at some of Valetta’s hidden treasures or go on a hike on beautiful Gozo island, Malta has everything you’d want in a family destination and more.

Not to mention that the country enjoys beautiful weather all year round and has miles upon miles of pristine beaches. Malta is also known for its dedication to eco-tourism, and the town of Mellieha was even crowned by the European Commission as a destination of excellence for its sustainable tourism initiatives. All in all, Malta is as close to a perfect family-friendly destination you can get.


Vienna is a world-class city, and it stands out for winning awards for the quality of life for families. And if you’re grooming a future musical virtuoso, Vienna is the place to visit. The city hosts over 15,000 concerts a year, many of them specifically for children. If you want to introduce your children to Mozart’s work, you should consider catching a special performance of “The Magic Flute” at Schönbrunn Palace’s marionette theatre. The play is performed by marionettes and is sure to dazzle your whole family. Between coffee houses, historic sights and museums, you’ll have a number of child-friendly activities to try every day.


Tenerife is an amazing Spanish island. The many beaches make it an excellent destination for a week on the shore, while the clear seas are suitable for swimmers at all levels. Costa Adeje has one of the best waterparks in the world. Loro Parque Zoo is world-class. And best of all, it is great value for your money.

Another great thing about Tenerife is how close it is to the UK. The flight from Luton airport to Tenerife is only about four hours long, so you won’t go insane trying to keep kids busy on an all-day flight. You could also save yourself a lot of trouble by booking parking at Luton airport if you’re leaving from there. By opting for airport parking, you’ll have much more control over the logistics and have your car right there waiting for you once you get back. And it’s much cheaper than many might think. Check out a service like, which allows you to get the best prices possible for Luton airport parking. Make sure that you view some of the deals they have to offer and see if that could be a good option for you and your family.


Majorca is another Spanish destination that could make for a great family holiday. The trips to Majorca are also very short and affordable and there are tons of family-friendly accommodations around the island. The island also has some of the most beautiful beaches the Mediterranean has to offer and a very rich culture as well. If you’re looking for a quiet retreat, you could give resorts like Cala Bona or Alcúdia a try. You could also decide to go to Palma Nova and visit the beautiful waterpark they have here.


Stockholm is a surprisingly family-friendly destination. You can walk right past their royal palace. The Pippi Longstocking museum is a must-see for fans of the books and movies. You can visit the island districts and wander the bridges that link them or take the ferries that connect them. It’s also a great city to visit if you love winter sports or are nature lovers in general. If you aren’t familiar with skiing, you and your family could go for a cross-country skiing trip first to test the ropes. And don’t be put off by the seemingly stoic appearance of the Swedes, they absolutely love children and will do everything in their power to show you a good time if you’re with your family while you’re there.


There’s more to Munich than Oktoberfest, and a lot of it is quite family-friendly. Take your children to the Toy Museum and the many stores selling handcrafted toys. Or go to the Deutsches Museum, notable for being both the largest and oldest science museum in the world. They have plenty of exhibits geared toward children. Neuschwanstein Castle, the inspiration for castles in many Disney movies, is located near here. And if you do decide to hit one of their beer gardens, know that children are welcome to tag along.


If your family is seeking outdoor adventures, it is hard to do better than Reykjavik. The city is so safe that babies can sleep outside in their prams while parents shop. There’s a fair chance you could see the famous Northern Lights. The thermal hot springs are open year-round, and many have children’s sections.

Hiking, whale-watching, horseback riding, and boating are all available to everyone. This is the ideal place if you enjoy open spaces and don’t want to deal with the hustle and bustle of bigger cities. However, note that life isn’t cheap in Reykjavik, so make sure you get prepared for the eventual sticker shock before you get there.


Rome is without a doubt one of the best family-friendly cities in the world and a must-see for any family. Whether you want to go on a foodie tour and sample some of the country’s final meals and desserts, take a stroll down the cobbled stone streets, visit one of the many free museums in the city, or see major tourist attractions like the Coliseum, the possibilities are virtually endless.

But if Rome isn’t your speed, Italy as a whole is full of hidden gems. If you want to get away from the crowds, Tuscany is another great choice for a family holiday. The locals love kids and are even more accommodating than in Rome, so this is an excellent plan B if you want to go for something more unique and laid back.


We’ve provided a number of recommendations for your next family holiday. Take the time to do your research so you can decide which destination is right for you and begin finding deals on your next family trip.


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