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Driven to Distraction

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I don’t drive for two reasons:

  1. Not wanting to be the designated driver
  2. My attention span is that of….oooooooh, SHINY

I am though a brilliant passenger; spotting all potential hazards – some before they even have chance to become hazards, though my sharp intakes of breath at these anticipated events I know aren’t always appreciated.
I can spot an idiot driver at distance and have a whole host of words I can use to tell them exactly where they are going wrong.

Lease Car have recently surveyed 1,000 drivers and compiled a list of the top distractions whilst driving – which is certainly an eye opener.

32% of the drivers questioned admitted to eating while driving.
10% of the women questioned admitted to putting on or touching up their make-up at the traffic lights – COME ON LADIES! COULD YOU BE MORE OF A CLICHE?
12% of men asked, said that they shaved while in control of a big metal death machine.

These aren’t ‘driving distractions’

They’re bloody ridiculous things to do while in charge of heavy machinery.

Now, here is where I’m often told that as a non-driver I don’t have a valid opinion.
Apparently as a non driver I can’t possibly understand the difficulties facing the drivers out there.

Do I KNOW how hard it is to stick to a speed limit?
How tricky it is not to text and drive?
How very busy the person who really must eat a burger at the wheel is?

To be honest, no I don’t, but I do understand that punching idiots is illegal (as technically are all of the above) so I just make a really big effort not to do it.
Trust me – if I can do it, you can!

A distraction is music playing too loud or children wittering away in the back of the car, asking inane questions like:

Are we nearly there yet? 
How many minutes until we get there?

What’s that?
What’s what??!
That thing I can see!

*Random screaming and shouting at the unfairness of life*

Since the children were tiny babies, I’ve always admired Rory’s ability to tune the noise they make out.
There have been times when I’ve found myself driven to distraction by them, and I’m just the passenger.
Maybe that’s why Rory can ignore the noise? Because he knows that I’m dealing with that slightly less important stuff while he transports us safely to our destination.

To be honest, I was surprised at the things considered a ‘distraction’ on the survey and the number of people doing these things rather than concentrating on driving. I don’t really consider those true distractions, they are signs of laziness, complacency and stupidity, and really add weight to the argument that people should have to re-take their driving test every decade or so, rather than just when they get to 80+.

I know I’m easily distracted (look, a rainbow!) so, until a time comes when I can focus, I will refrain from driving for now.
A note to those who do though, most workplaces have mirrors in the toilets for that last minute lippy touch-up and I’m sure you aren’t going to starve if you have to wait to eat your porridge at your desk. Surely it is better to arrive a little late than not at all.Driving-habits-of-the-UK - Leasecar




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