What to Buy the Modern Newlyweds

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For many of us, choosing the perfect wedding gift can be a fun and uplifting experience, made easier with pre-determined online wedding gift lists, making our choices much narrower.  

Modern couples, however, are apparently scrapping the gift list route, in favour of quirkier alternatives. Contributions to a honeymoon, shared experiences and charity donations are some of the ideas that contemporary couples are opting for.

If you are looking to select a perfect present for a close friend or family member who is about to tie the knot, then here are a few alternative ideas:

Something Personal

Adding a personal touch to your gift shows that you really put some thought into it and took the time to find something special. From a personalised door mat, to a hanging piece of photographic artwork, there are so many ideas to create that personal effect.

You know best what the couple love, so use your insider knowledge and get inventive! Once the gift has been ordered and received, make things even more intimate with a hand-written wedding card from Card Factory. Writing a lovely, heartfelt message is guaranteed to pull on their heart strings and make their day even more perfect.

Something Delicious

If you are struggling to find something to make the couple happy, then look towards their stomachs! A gourmet hamper, a case of wine or an annual subscription to a recipe delivery service could be lovely offerings for a foodie couple.

You could even get them some vouchers for their favourite restaurant or enrol them onto a couple’s cooking course so they can ease into married life with some amazing recipes under their belt.

Something Relaxing

Once the wedding is over, chances are the newlyweds will need some R&R. Whether it’s an appointment for a couple’s massage or entry into a lovely day spa, the couple are bound to appreciate some quality alone time together.

Less expensive ideas include a set of massage oils that they can use on each other at home, or a heavenly scented candle, that they can place in a perfect spot in their home and enjoy whilst they chill together.

Something Outdoorsy  

If your friends are the outdoor types, then there are plenty of gift ideas to get them excited. Experience days can be a fun idea and there are so many different options to choose from.

From a visit to Kew Gardens to a full day paintballing for two, or a Bear Grylls adventure, the opportunities are limitless. No matter what budget you have in mind, there is something adventurous for every newly married couple to enjoy!


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