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Looking forward: Parenting Teens

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If you’re about to become the parent of a teenager for the first time, you’re probably thinking about the changes that are going to come your way in the years ahead. As ever, there will be wonderful things about this kind of parenting as well as aspects that will challenge you in ways you’ve never been challenged before as a parent.

It’s important to be aware of what’s in store for you and the means the bad as well as the good. Only then will you feel properly prepared as a parent, so read on now if you want to find out more about the challenges and joys of parenting a teen.

The Challenges You’ll Face

Dealing With the Years of Rebellion

Teenagers are known for rebelling against any and all authority figures that they see around them in their lives. As their parent, you will need to find out how you’re going to deal with that and there are no easy answers waiting to be found. Every teenager is different but you’ll need to allow them to rebel and find their own way because that’s all part of the teenage experience. It’s also necessary to curb the worst of these rebellious indiscretions though.

Learning When They’re Lying

Lies will be used like never before by your son or daughter once they reach their teenage years and that’s something that you’re going to need to be properly prepared for. Learning to know when they’re lying and what you can do to catch them out will turn out to be a vital skill for you going forward. Of course, it’s not always easy to work out when they’re lying and when they’re telling the truth but that’s where the challenge lies.

Keeping Them Focused on Their Education

These years are essential in many ways but most of all because it’s when they’ll get (or fail to get) their most important qualifications which could shape their career for years to come. They’re mind is not always going to be focused on school and education though. No child finds those things particularly exciting compared to the other things that might be going on in their life at that time. It’s your job to keep their mind focused on important matters like this.

Helping Them Understand Their Changing Bodies

Puberty can hit your child like a train and you need to be there to help them understand the changes that they’re going through because it can be confusing and perplexing for them. Striking that balance is not easy as you also need to give them the right amount of space. Be there to reassure them about changes to their body. Don’t be afraid to initiate conversations and see how they respond; it’s a better strategy that remaining silent and leaving them stranded. Do be prepared for your utility bills to go up now they’re hitting the shower a lot more, it might be worth shopping around for a less expensive home fuel – consider somewhere like

The Moments to Enjoy

Watching Them Become Their Own Person

When a child morphs into an adult, that’s when they become their own person and that can be a really pleasant thing to see and be a part of for parents. They will leave behind their childhood and you will slowly see glimpses of the adult they’re about to become. For many people, it’s the best part of being a parent because it’s like seeing all your hard parenting work eventually pay off.


Eventually Developing a Stronger Bond

Part of what’s great about seeing your son or daughter develop into their own person is that they will become adults that you can relate to better than ever before. Parents often find that once they reach the latter end of their teenage years, they become closer and more like a friend. That’s something you should be aiming for as well and it at least gives you something to look forward to after the most difficult teenage years.

Enjoying the Free Time That Comes With Their Increasing Independence

Any parent will know that you have to give up a lot of your spare time when you have children. They take up most of the spare time you have and that remains the case right the way through until they become teenagers. At that point however they can start to branch out by themselves, spend more time with friends and generally be more independent, allowing you to enjoy some of the free time you’ve missed out on for so long.


Parenting is both difficult and enjoyable no matter how old your child is but those challenges and enjoyable moments do change as your child ages. Embrace their teenage years because they’ll be all grown up before long.

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