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3 Great Ways to Work while Travelling Abroad

Travelling is interesting and relaxing. It is great for physical, emotional and mental health. However, many people who would love to travel just can’t afford it.

Luckily there are ways to work while travelling abroad.

Saving enough to travel abroad can take some time especially if you are not earning much from your job. Instead of waiting a long time to accumulate enough savings to travel, it is certainly worth considering working whilst travelling to pay for your expenses.
Another perk of working when travelling is that you can travel for a long time without worrying about expenses and bills. This article highlights three key ways you can work when travelling abroad.

Get a Temporary Job Abroad

The first option you should consider is getting a temporary job abroad. There are a number of companies in most countries that hire seasonal workers to help out when there is a lot of work. You can search for temporary jobs online or make use of staffing agencies. Also, consider asking for referrals from people you know abroad. Be careful when searching online and using agencies to find temporary jobs. Some of the ads you see online for temporary jobs are scams so do research them thoroughly.

The hospitality industry is best known for temporary jobs especially during the peak holiday seasons. Other jobs you can look into include tutoring, baby sitting, tour guide, food harvesting, entertainment, sales, construction, repairs and coaching.

If you plan to work abroad temporarily, look for work early and get your work permit finalised. Also, since you are doing this to finance your travel, go for a job with a reasonable salary that will cover your day to day expenses and fun activities. Finally, since you will be staying in a foreign country for some time, you will require health insurance for expats. Check out to learn more about the importance of such coverage.

Get an Online Job

Just because you are travelling, there is no need to be without a decent internet connection. There are companies out there offering RV internet options meaning that you can work remotely on the move. There are so many companies that hire people to work remotely. Most of these opportunities are freelance and thus you can easily get a job without making a long term commitment. Some of the jobs you can get online include website design, writing, marketing, tutoring, transcription, video captioning, customer service, virtual assistant, data entry, surveys, graphic designing, life or business coaching, fitness training and consultancy.

You can try out a couple of online jobs during your free time to see which one will work best for you. Also, ensure that you have a job before you travel. This is because the competition for online jobs is on the rise as many people realise the benefits of working from home. Therefore, at times it can be hard to land a client. Finally, if you will be working online when travelling, you need to check whether your travel destination has a good internet connection.

Start an Online Business

Finally, you can work while you travel by setting up an online business. Since an online business can be operated from anywhere, starting such a business gives you both the money and the freedom to travel. However, you cannot set up a business today and travel tomorrow. You will have to give it enough time to start making profits.

Examples of online businesses you can start include a monetised blog, online store, a monetised YouTube channel, affiliate marketing and a marketing company. For an online store dealing with physical goods, you can start travelling once your business is ready to outsource fulfilment. Starting an online business or getting an online job is the best remedy for individuals who would love a digital nomad lifestyle.

To ensure you get the most out of your travel, plan your days in advance. Know the number of hours you will be working each day and what activities you will be doing after that.


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