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How to Explore and Enjoy Medellín Columbia Properly

Medellín is Columbia’s second city. The transformation this city has undergone is said to be more than any city found on Earth. Medellín has a violent and tumultuous past, which is known by many people. However, today Medellín is described as a modern, innovative, and a beautiful place to be. The weather there is lovely and there are a number of plazas and parks you can go to and enjoy the sunshine. There are many places you can visit to enjoy fresh juice and delicious food. Learning about Medellín’s past is definitely something you should do before you visit because this way, you will truly be able to appreciate how far the city has come and you can really enjoy and understand the history found in museums and on the streets.

City Tours

City tours are a fantastic way to see all the famous sites. In Medellín, you can do a free walking tour with Real City Tours, which is one of the world’s most popular walking tours. This way, an experienced and insightful guide can teach you everything you need to know, you can try local foods, and hear the local’s real feelings towards Pablo Escobar. You will also visit places like the Forest of Lights, Parque San Antonio, and Parque Berrio.

Embrace the Lifestyle

There are many ways to embrace the lifestyle of Medellín. You could do salsa dance lessons, visit the Plaza Minorista Market or see a soccer match to learn more about the culture. Containing around 40 restaurants, Mercado del Río is the perfect place to go if you are a foodie. Once stomachs are full, head over to El Hueco to do some shopping. In the evenings, Parque Lleras is the place to be if you enjoy a night out. Here, you can really get to see what it is like to live in Medellín. It’s surrounded by restaurants, club, and bars, as well as a number of hostels. Being able to speak the local language of Spanish is a great thing to consider. To learn as much as you can, definitely do one on one classes with a local teacher.


Museo de Antioquia is home to a fantastic collection of work by Fernando Botero, one of Columbia’s most famous artists. If art is a passion of yours, then you will need to visit Plaza Botero. Here, 23 bronze statues are scattered around the plaza, all donated by the artist, Fernando Botero. Museo Casa de la Memoria is a very emotional yet informative place to visit in Medellín as it highlights the violent and dramatic history of Columbia. Another place to see is the much-loved Parque Explora, an interactive science museum. Inside, you will be able to see the biggest freshwater aquarium in South America.

Native Wildlife

If you enjoy being close to nature, then Medellín has a number of places to explore. One place you need to see is the botanical gardens found in the city center. They contain thousands of native plants, plus a large number of native animal species. If you really love nature, then Cañón Del Río Claro Reserva Natural is the place for you. It takes about three hours to get there, but it is an amazing place to relax and is full of activities.

The Metro

There is a lot of praise that surrounds Medellín’s metro system. It provides a ride that allows you to see the city in a unique way and it lasts for about 15 minutes. At the top, you can fish through a range of local Columbian products whilst enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

With so many things to see and do, plus the recent improvements to the city, it is clear to see why Medellín has become such a popular place to visit. Organising your time and knowing what you want to see and do is key to exploring Medellín properly.



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