4 Simple Tips To Make Moving More Fun For The Entire Family

Moving is a daunting chore for every family. Regardless of the distance covered or the number of family members who are moving, everyone will have to accomplish several tasks. If you want to turn things around and make your upcoming move more enjoyable for the entire family, let this article help. By changing some of the routines and your family’s mindset, your upcoming move will be memorable for all the right reasons.

To lessen your family’s stress when moving, scouting through several long-distance moving companies and choosing a moving company is necessary. Aside from paying for professional services, here are some tips to make moving more fun for the entire family:

Moving with the family

Allow the kids to pack

Kids can be a handful at times. Depending on their age, they will usually throw tantrums whenever they are unnoticed. They will usually do anything just to get their parents’ attention.

To keep your kids occupied and engaged with the move, have them pack all of their valuables. Instruct them to decide which items should they bring and dispose of, and teach them how to properly pack the items they want to bring.

More often than not, your kids will choose to bring some of their favourite clothes, toys, and storybooks. Guide them on how to arrange these items in a moving box and allow them to practice while you’re monitoring. The goal of this process is to teach your kids how to properly pack so they can do everything on their own moving forward.

Once they can pack on their own, the chances of your kids getting out of hand can be reduced, and you’ll have more time to accomplish more tasks.

Get a babysitter

If your kids are still too young, hire a babysitter instead. When someone is looking after your kids, you’ll have more time and energy to accomplish tasks for the move. Having a babysitter look after your kids can also be beneficial for other adults in the family since they will not be disturbed by the kids.

When choosing a babysitter, choose someone who you can trust completely. This can be a family member (one who is not included in the move) or a close friend. Give instructions to the babysitter before leaving your kids, too.

Create a playlist

As mentioned, moving can be stressful. You’ll have to complete tasks weeks before the move and even days after the actual moving day. If you’re looking for ways to have everyone pumped up, create a playlist and turn this on when everyone is cleaning the house or packing their valuables.

Music can increase everyone’s energy levels while keeping stress at bay. The entire family will be more motivated to work if their favourite song is on. Plus, music can motivate you to dance around so you won’t experience body pains when moving.

Moving with the family kitchen

Eat like kings

Moving is a long-term task that will usually take months or weeks to accomplish. This is especially true if you’re going to move to another country.

And because everyone will have a long list of to-dos, it’s important that you work on keeping everyone healthy throughout the entire move. You don’t want your move to be postponed because a family member is sick, right? Steer away from this direction by preparing healthy meals for the entire family.

For starters, prepare a healthy and balanced diet for breakfast. If your family is going to pack and move heavy furniture in the morning, it’s best to start the day with a full stomach. Water should be accessible to the family throughout the day, as well.

Reward The Family

After the move, extend the fun by rewarding the family. You can choose to dine in a new restaurant, catch a movie or spend an entire afternoon in the playground. If everyone is still tired from the move, cook everyone’s favourite meal, and watch movies in the living room instead. Moving can be very challenging, so it’s important that you come up with activities for your family members to feel valued and appreciated.      

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