Autumn is here

5 Ways to Tell Autumn is Here.

Autumn has arrived – Fall has fallen.
I’m sure you’re acutely aware, you can’t even turn on the internet without being reminded.
Just in case you aren’t entirely sure whether it’s autumn in your world, here is a handy guide of signs that it has arrived.

Chunky Knits

Vest tops and light cardigans have been replaced by the chunky knit. Women more glamorous than I are sashaying around looking snug as a bug in a rug wrapped in shades of mustard or rust, often paired with a chunky cord. I like to look at a chunky knit but unfortunately I’m one of those people who gets terribly warm, terribly quickly and finds wearing an abundance of wool akin to being buried alive. I’m also a larger lady and the chunky knit goes no way toward making that look any smaller. In fact, I just look like a big shapeless sheep in a chunky knit.

ways to tell autumn is here chunky knits

Sturdy Footwear

I am rubbish at shoes, I like pretty not practical – this often results in me having soggy socks or slipping around a lot. My children, however, embrace a good autumnal shoe and are big fans of wellies (Seth will be in his until next July now). Because we do a fair bit of walking, we have to get them decent wellies that don’t split, offer a bit of support and are comfortable to walk in. This year they’ve been thoroughly spoilt as the wonderful folks at Rydale have sent them both some fabulous wellies that are perfect for splashing in puddles, kicking leaves and even playing hockey. They are not only practical but they come in a variety of colours too. Who doesn’t love purple, glittery wellies?

Autumn is here Rydale Wellies


When I was growing up you didn’t really see pumpkins outside of Jack O’ Lanterns on TV.  Now, as soon as Autumn drops there is an abundance of pumpkin! Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin hand creams, pumpkin spiced chocolate liquor and, of course, the autumn past time of anyone on social media – pumpkin picking. Who even knows where to find pumpkins in the wild?! Interestingly, despite this influx of pumpkins, I’m yet to meet anyone who has eaten pumpkin pie.

Autumn is here Pumpkins


Halloween is the ultimate indicator that autumn has arrived, I have written before about my general dislike for Halloween despite my children’s desire to get on board with it all. I just don’t understand the hype, it’s been thrust upon us and is frankly getting out of control. There are Halloween trees, Halloween wreaths, Halloween fairy lights and Halloween cakes. It’s just an orange and black colour themed Christmas with a side of mild peril and begging!

Sadly, I have the sneaking suspicion that this year I’m going to find myself gutting a pumpkin to placate the kids.


The most beautiful thing about autumn is the turning of the leaves. The gold, reds and oranges are a sight to behold and can make trees look at their most magnificent. Unfortunately, like many things, this beauty is short lived, the leaves quickly drop to the ground. Initially the crisp piles of leaves create ample opportunity for the children to frolic while I yell
Quickly the crisp, gold and red leaves turn to mush, getting dampened by drizzle and stamped by kids, they create an ice rink effect on the pavements and lead to Lord only know what being dragged into the house.

If you spot any of these signs, be sure it is indeed Autumn but fear not – it means that Christmas is on it’s way!

Autumn is here leaves

We were kindly sent wellies by for inclusion in this post. 


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