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These are special days. The arrival of Coronavirus forces all of us to spend way more time at home than we have ever considered before. Just as the spring was looming at the door, with the promise of outdoors escapades we are forced to stay in. Of course, this is not going to be easy, but we can all overcome this period if we keep a positive attitude and try to focus ourselves on the fact that it is a small sacrifice that we all need to make.

In order to stay positive, let’s focus on what we can change: with the whole family being forced at home, each room becomes more important and so it’s the need to feel cosy and happy in it. Especially for kids, their rooms become their sanctuary, a space to unwind, get away from quarrels and upset siblings (or parents). It’s therefore high time to take a critical look at it and see what can be done to update their look. 

Somehow many people stick to the belief that children’s rooms need to be a pleasant yet boring blend of pastel colours, the tonality matching the gender of the child. I myself am victim of this, and there are plenty of kids, no longer toddlers, still force to endure those baby colours on their room’s walls. This doesn’t really work for growing kids as they need a place that nurture learning, foster imagination, a place to play, have fun but also seek refuge from life’s challenges.

Redecorating the children’s room is one of those projects that typically has been on your to do list of a long time. You know it needs to be done, yet somehow you never found a way to fit it in your calendar. Life always gets in the way, weekends outings are planned well in advance and let’s face it, you are not going to commit your precious holidays to a renovation project.

However, the “upside” of the current crisis is that all those activities have been suspended, there is nowhere to go but home. What could be better than a nice little project to renovate our house could really be the ideal solution to keep our minds busy, maybe even involving our children and family.

Wallpaper is the perfect tool to bring a touch of creativity to the walls of your kids’ room. Modern children’s wallpaper offers a never-ending variety of options and it can help separating the space in the room. A sleeping quarter and the play/study area can be visually defined by a stunning wallpaper. For the kids’ room, especially if you are aiming at a graphic wallpaper, we suggest using it to decorate just one or two feature walls. They will provide a visual highlight for the room. For the other walls choose a more subtle, uniform colour that matches with the pattern colour, to avoid unwanted chromatic dissonances.

Below are a couple of suggestions, just to give you an idea of what is possible. Try to involve your kids in the selection, it will make them happy and involved!

Marvel Heroes

Which kid doesn’t love the Marvel characters? The string of blockbuster movies from the last decade have brought them back into absolute relevance. Having been born on the pages of comic books stretching back to the 60s, they also combine a wonderful vintage nostalgia. You can combine both vibes with a wonderful representation of the classic Marvel Comics covers from that decade, mixing vintage and modernity in this timeless vintage wallpaper?

Marvel Wallpaper


Perfect for creative kids. A wallpaper that invites you to interact with it, providing empty canvasses that can be filled with your kid’s artworks.

Frame Wallpaper



To be honest, I am still unsure I fully understand the allure of these mythical creatures. For some reason, they never seem to go out of fashion and carry on being loved from one generation to the next. The past two years have seen another resurgence of their trend, girls of all ages cannot get enough of them. This beautiful wallpaper, combining rainbows and unicorns, is universally loved!

Unicorn Wallpaper


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