Making Use Of Your Conservatory

Conservatories can be awkward spaces can’t they?
We often anticipate that they will provide additional living space. A calm, tranquil space to enjoy the garden with a cup of coffee whatever the weather.  More often than not, many conservatories are too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer and end up used less frequently than anticipated (I confess, mine is used for toy storage). Double glazed windows and under floor heating can be used to make a conservatory more welcoming in the colder months but often we still neglect it this extra room.

Here are a few ideas to hopefully inspire you to make the most of your conservatory.


If you’re going down the route of under-floor heating, this limits your options a bit. Solid wood is a big no, as it warps and buckles under heat. If you’re desperate for a wood floor look in your home which is understandable (it’s beautiful!) then engineered wood is a good alternative as it is compatible with under-floor heating. You can even go for luxury vinyl tiles or laminate if you want a cheaper fix.  

Bold Interiors

The furniture in your conservatory is minimal but there’s no reason for it to be basic. One of the joys of a conservatory is that the lack of wallpapered walls (generally) means anything goes. You can be as daring and bold as you choose with your cushion covers, blankets and throws in whatever material you desire.  Rugs will not only add to the colour, but will add a little more warmth and homeliness to the room.


We all understand the importance of lighting (and not just for seeing) it can make or break the ambience of a room.  Although your conservatory will host plenty of natural light, it is worth remembering this won’t be the case on those dark November nights so make sure you have enough artificial light. Lamps are a good place to start, as not only are they a source of light but come in many different designs and styles, adding that character! A dimmable ceiling light with a fan incorporated is also a great idea offering a choice of lighting options and the ability to cool the room in summer. 

Something Different?

Your conservatory doesn’t have to be used as extra living space. With a bit of planning it could be a mini gym, a library, an art studio, dance space, a play room or even a home cinema – just don’t let it be a wasted space.





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