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Getting Back On Track With Your Health Post Lockdown

Although many of us have been trying to find ways to keep active and do a little each day, there’s no denying that the recent coronavirus epidemic has made it a lot harder to stay active. As such, here, we’re going to look at steps we should all think of taking to make sure that we’re still in fighting fit shape after the lockdown fully comes down.

Get moving

This is the first step many of us need to take, although there is really no reason we cannot start to do it right now. If you’re worried you’ve been still for too long, take a look at some ways to workout during the lockdown. The sedentary life that many of us have been living, especially working from home, can greatly increase the risk of heart disease, back pain, obesity, and a plethora of other health issues.

Making dietary changes

A lot of us have also been buying foods that we might not normally buy. To a lot of people, food has become one of their saving graces during the lockdown, offering a treat outside the mundanity of having to spend all day in the home. However, it will be time to start using meal-planning apps that help you track the nutritional value of what you eat in order to start building healthier habits, instead.

Open wide

While it might seem less important than fighting off the long-term health consequences of a sedentary lifestyle and bad diet, your mouth is key to your overall health. For that reason, making an appointment with your dentist when they open up is crucial. Without the regular check-up, you might have developed issues such as gum disease that need to be treated.

Get all the essential checks done

A lot of doctors won’t have been able to see most of their patients throughout the lockdown, as a lot of health centres throughout the country have been open only for checking symptoms of severe conditions and providing prescription medication. As such, it might have been a lot longer than a year since any of us have made the essential health checks, such as bone density scans, blood pressure tests, and others. If you haven’t had your physical in over a year, make sure to schedule it.

Check-in with everyone

Hopefully, this is something that you’ve already been doing during the lockdown. Everyone is a lot more isolated than before and isolation is known to be one of the biggest contributors to mental health issues, including stress, depression and even the long term risk of things like dementia. It’s going to be necessary to make an actual effort to ask people if they are ok and to spend time with them after the lockdown, especially any elderly family members.


It’s easy to let standards slide a little when we’re living in relative isolation but, as that starts to come undone, we need to make sure that our lockdown habits don’t become permanent. Start taking good care of your health again.

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