How To Make Sick Kids Feel Better

As a parent, it’s only natural to worry about the health of your kids. Because their immune systems are still developing, they tend to experience illness at a higher clip than the average adult. And so, you often have to rush to the rescue at a moment’s notice. Children can come down with sickness fast. 

Here’s what to do when your child gets sick to help them recover. 

Tips For Treating The Flu

Flu can be a scary disease for kids because it is so intense compared to regular colds. Usually, children with the flu get a high fever and cough. Often, their sleep will suffer too. 

Check out these tips for dealing with it: 

  • Keep your child’s fluid intake as high as you can. Fluids are good for the body when it is sick because they help fight inflammation and infection.
  • Prepare a warm bath. Some doctors recommend this because it helps to bring down their temperature. Remember to take them out before they start shivering. Don’t try to keep a fever down unless your child becomes delirious. A high temperature actually helps the body fight infection
  • Use over the counter medications, such as ibuprofen. Non-steroidal, anti-inflammatories are excellent at fighting the body aches and pains that come with the flu. Plus they’re safe so long as your child isn’t taking any medicines that might interact with them

Tips For Vomiting And Tummy Ache

Vomiting and tummy ache are also common complaints among children. Here’s how to deal with it. 

  • Keep antacids on standby. Just like adults, children can experience bouts of acid reflux
  • Diarrhoea is a risk in children because it can cause severe dehydration. Keep electrolyte solution on standby. Mix four cups of water with half a teaspoon of salt, two tablespoons of sugar, and a fruit-flavoured cordial to make it palatable
  • Encourage your child to eat the foods least likely to upset their stomach: bananas, apple sauce, rice, and toast. 

Tips For Sores And Bumps

Kids can develop sores and bumps over the body. When they do, you need to be ready to assist. 

  • Stock Kenalog in Orabase for treating mouth ulcers. The gel provides a protective layer that eliminates the inflammation fast, reducing pain
  • Keep a first-aid kit on standby, just in case you need to dress a wound
  • Keep anti-inflammatory and antiseptic creams on standby for scapes, grazes, and cuts

Tips For General Illness

Kids sometimes get sick. And when they do, it can be difficult for both parents and children to cope psychologically. Fortunately, there are so go-to methods you can use to make life easier for both of you when your child is ill. 

Some parents like to use naturally-relaxing things like lavender and ashwagandha to make kids feel better. The former is great for bathing before bed, while the latter is best consumed directly to help manage anxiety. You can also talk about how you’re child’s bedding has magically become a get-well-soon blanket, providing healing action. Stories like this can improve feelings of security. 


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