How Does DNA Testing Help Build a Healthy Lifestyle?

Some people may still be thinking that DNA testing is only done for ancestry or criminal cases, but its application has advanced to many other fields. DNA testing is now done for improving health, nutrition, the indication of allergies, and determining traits, etc.
DNA tests were quite expensive before, but now they are affordable. The sequencing time of the DNA genome has decreased with new techniques that have reduced costs. You can get the most of your DNA to improve your health and lifestyle.

DNA Testing for Diagnosis:

Many kinds of DNA tests are available that can tell you about a hidden disease or condition that is otherwise difficult to diagnose. For example, breast cancer can be confirmed if your DNA data have the BRCA gene. Some diseases are difficult to find out from physical examination or other tests.
It is also possible to diagnose if a foetus has any condition in the mother’s womb through a test like cell-free fetal DNA. Newborn screening is also a DNA test performed for screening. Mostly hereditary and congenital diseases are diagnosed through DNA genetic testing.

Your DNA Test Can Tell About Pharmacogenomics:

When DNA testing is done for pharmacogenomics, it tells the information related to drugs in your DNA. It can tell whether you can metabolize a medicine at a faster pace or slow rate. It also shows if your body executes negative effects from a certain drug.
This type of test is especially important for patients with heart disease. Some diseases like coronary vascular disease require the patient to try out different drugs to see what kind will help their recovery. It is a long and tiring process and may prolong your recovery. So it is best to do DNA testing to determine your pharmacogenomics to save time and money.

How Your DNA Data Helps Doctors:

Doctors can greatly benefit from the DNA information of their patients. They will not have to try different drugs if they know what medication works for their patients. A DNA test can tell how a certain medicine is metabolized in a patient’s body.
The treatment and recovery process can be improved with the help of information on pharmacogenomics. Some hospitals have started keeping records of their patients’ pharmacogenomics as it will help in treatment when they visit the next time. This will help the doctors about what kinds of medication will suit the patient.

What Kinds Of DNA Tests Can You Expect?

Many types of DNA tests are now performed to improve overall health. Some of them are mentioned below that can help improve your health and wellness.


DNA tests are performed to tell you about your fitness level.
● It tells about your endurance response.
● Your risk of injury is also determined.
● It tells about your speed of recovery.


You can find about your nutrition and with the help of it find ways to improve your diet.
● It tells if your body has carbohydrate and saturated fat sensitivity.
● It tells if your body is sensitive to alcohol, caffeine, and salt.
● It provides information about vitamin and mineral deficiency.
● You can find your body’s detox ability.
● You can find out if you are lactose intolerant or not.
● It can also tell you about your food cravings.


● It tells you about how your body metabolizes caffeine.
● Information about your sleep quality.
● It tells about your genetic chronotype.


You can find out your traits through a DNA test and act accordingly to change your lifestyle.
● The test can tell if your skin has sun sensitivity.
● Your earwax production rate.
● Your DNA can tell if you have any chances of acquiring a hereditary disease like colour blindness.


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