Dealing With Anxiety About Your Appearance

Have you ever been a little startled or even disappointed by your own appearance? Do you think that you deserve to have a better appearance? Or has it ever caused anxiety in social gatherings or when dating? Many of us face these kinds of concerns. It can even go as far as to affect our self-esteem, potentially causing depression if we’re unhappy about our appearance.

So how can we deal with those feelings? How do we solve our appearance-related anxiety issues and feelings of inadequacy?

Change the things you can and ignore what you can’t

Focus on the things that you can change and ignore what you can’t. This is one of the most ideal approaches that you should take when it comes to your appearance. You can change your clothes, your makeup and even your hair. However, you can’t change the shape of your jaw or the size of your forehead. These are things that you just need to work around and embrace.

However, there are times where you might be able to overcome some of those problems. For example, a hair transplant clinic might be able to help you with early signs of balding, and there are cosmetic surgery options to help you modify your body. While these should be considered a last resort, they have been reported to drastically improve one’s self-esteem.

Remember that smiling creates a more pleasant, relaxed and attractive appearance

While you shouldn’t force a grin (it can look really awkward) it’s always good to try and think positive thoughts and have a reason to smile. A smile can create a more pleasant and welcoming expression that ultimately improves your outward appearance.

Smiling can also make you easier to talk to, and others find that it’s easier to speak to people that have a gentle smile on their face. It’s a simple and slightly corny tip, but it certainly can help you with your anxiety. Many people find that smiling can be contagious as well and others will be happy to smile back at you.

Find your style instead of trying to follow other people all the time

Throw away any ideas that you have about fashion. Instead, focus on things that you personally enjoy and want to wear. This could be anything from certain types of patterns on your clothing all the way to the colours and brands you wear. Don’t feel ashamed for trying new things out when finding your personal style. Get inspiration from friends, family members, and your favourite influencers. However, you shouldn’t let others dictate what you can and can’t wear.

As long as you feel comfortable in your own clothes, that’s a good enough reason to try something out. A lot of people get really anxious when they wear different kinds of clothes outside because they’re afraid of what other people will think of them. In reality, it’s all about making yourself comfortable instead of trying to appeal to other people’s tastes.

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