Cleaning Tips for Vinyl Flooring


Consistently Vinyl is providing an unending level of satisfaction and security for homeowners who want a welcoming look as well as a low maintenance lifestyle for their family spot.

Cleaning of the flooring is an easy and time saving exercise and does not require a vast array of chemicals to maintain a shine and sense of fresh appeal. Everybody has the nightmare of cleaning liquids, scrubbing sauces or other substances out of their carpet and sometimes having to place a piece of furniture or a rug over the embarrassing section to save face.

With vinyl flooring you have the easiest option in cleaning those pesky stains. A simple dose of warm soapy water, or sweeping or mopping on occasion, and your floor is back how it was without spending hours on those hands and knees.


The first step to cleaning a vinyl floor is to sweep them with a common household brush to ensure that any loose debris is not present.

From there, filling a bucket with warm water and adding 1 cup of white vinegar so that the acidic mixture will add to the repair of its perfect condition without any damage. Avoid the use of bleaches or alcohol on your floor as they both are known for eroding away top layers on vinyl flooring.

Afterwards, clean the floor with a household mop that is sure to not be wringing wet with water. You want to clean the floor, not soak it.


Vinyl planks require cleaning on a regular basis to retain its original out of the box look. If laced through a room that sees heavy amounts of traffic it could tend to get dull in appearance without proper care.

Start with sweeping and vacuuming the planks followed by mopping with a mild cleanser but be sure to keep abrasive cleaning products off the floor due to their tendency to scratch the service.

Be sure to wash any liquid soap you use with plain clean water and clean up after use no residue can form over time.

Too much water in the mop can cause some damage to planks so remember to rinse thoroughly when using.


Vinyl tile is much easier to maintain over real tile options as a sweep and vacuum over them followed by a mop will help retain the desired look. Being fully water resistant is great when mopping but remember that tile is not WATERPROOF, so don’t let that water be on your surface too long.

The Grout between tiles will require cleaning on occasion also with soft bristled brushes and warm water to be able to get into those spaces and help it look amazing.

Everyday Products

Most household cleaners already in the home can get the job done in maintaining your floor, so no need is especially required to purchase specialty products. As mentioned earlier, Vinegar is among the best products to utilise due to its mixture with warm water being able to cut through grime without the fear of dulling your floor.

Baking soda and water mixed to a paste solution can best remove stains caused by tomato sauces or wines by working it into the area with a toothbrush then sponging with warm water.

For more cleaning solutions for your specific brand of carpet be sure to ask the specialist providers for the best results and alternative ideas.

Amtico is a market leading supplier with a history of top product from Signature Wood to Spacia stone and has decades of professional service in providing care solutions for vinyl flooring. Luvanto is another brand synonymous with absolute perfection and care through vinyl with selections such as herringbone and endure pro and will have a wealth of cleaning alternatives to best suit your floor. Invictus happens to be another leading brand in the vinyl flooring industry, with versatile natural designs which are manufactured to last immensely longer than the authentic material.




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