3 Reasons To Feel Positive About 2021

2021 hasn’t started out quite how everyone hoped. We all got a bit caught up in the idea that things would start getting back to normal as soon as 2020 was left behind. So, when we’re hit with more lockdowns, it’s easy to let our spirits drop. Still, there’s no reason that 2021 can’t be a  very positive year. We’re barely two months into it, so there’s still a very long way to go. With that in mind, here are some reasons to feel positive about the coming year:

Vaccines are in full flow

A big difference from this year to last year is that we now have multiple coronavirus vaccines. They’re being rolled out in countries all over the world, with millions of people already receiving doses. As this continues to increase, it limits the number of people that can catch the virus. This should slow down the spread and kill the virus, meaning life can start getting back to normal. It could take a few months, but there’s no reason to not be hopeful of a decent summer/winter in 2021. 

Testing has gotten a lot better

Again, back in 2020, testing for the virus was pretty shambolic – especially in the early stages. Indeed, many people believe that this is the reason it spread as widely as it did. If better testing technology was available, so many cases could’ve been prevented. Thankfully, we saw lots of developments in that field over the last twelve months. Now, you can literally hire an on-site private COVID test facility if you need it. In fact, that’s what many movie sets and sports teams are doing, ensuring that everyone gets tested before they can start filming or training. Regular people like us can also get tests online, seeing the results in minutes at home. With more tests being made available, more people can get a diagnosis and know whether to isolate. Again, this should help to keep the numbers low and stop the spread!

Some countries are already returning to normal

Look around the world and you will see a handful of countries returning to normal. Australia and New Zealand are the countries everyone always talks about, with live sports and concerts back in action. People can go to bars, see friends, and basically live a normal life. The same is true in some parts of China – which is crazy considering it was the epicentre of the virus. At the moment, all the lovely scenes fill us with envy. However, we should look at these countries as proof that life can and will get back to somewhere close to normal. If they managed it within a year, why can’t other places? 


So what if the first month of 2021 didn’t go as planned. Let’s be honest, it was wishful thinking to assume that it would go any other way! Now, we can start looking further ahead and hope that things will start to change. With the three things spoken about above, you can see that there are reasons to feel positive about this year.

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