Simple ways to get the house ready for spring.

Spring is always a great time to try new things – whether it be at home, in the garden, or out in the world. Once winter has gone and we look toward the warmer half of the year most of us hope to change and improve on the design of our homes.

Today we are going to take a look at some of the things you can do at home this sprin to spruce it up and get ready for the season. 

Start seedlings

One of the great joys of homeownership is being able to plant flowers and see them bloom in the summer. March and early April are often a little too cold for small seedlings to grow outside – which is why you can start germinating seeds on your windowsill now. Small seedlings such as Marigolds and Pansies will be able to start in your home now and in a couple of weeks once the weather is warmer you can plant them outside and watch them bloom! 

Put out flowers

Speaking of flowers – we all know that spring is synonymous with blooms and beautiful flowers and this is why having a fresh bunch on the kitchen table is ideal for the season. Now is the ideal time for you to send flowers to your loved ones as well as order a bunch for yourself to display at home. They will brighten up your space no end and will definitely put a smile on your face. 

Refresh paintwork 

If you have noticed that the whites of your walls are beginning to look a little dull or worn – now is the ideal time to paint over it all and get rid of those odds and sods of paint tins in your garage. Painting the walls might not seem like it will impact the home but a fresh coat can make a surprising difference and it will allow your home to look it’s best during the spring and summer. 

Make the house smell amazing 

One thing you can do during spring to make your home feel fresh is to invest in the smell. There is a clever trick you can try involving fabric softener, water, and a cloth – to make your house smell amazing all day every day. In a spray bottle – mix 1 part fabric softener with 2 parts water and shake. Spray this mixture on your radiators and use a cloth to wipe them down. Now, when you turn on the heating throughout the day you’ll get a beautiful fresh scent all over the home! 

Empty the flowerbeds

Now is the ideal time for you to get out into the garden for the first time this year and do some clearing out. In autumn and winter leaves fall and plants die and you will end up with a lot of dead plant material in your garden. Get rid of this material before the spring starts and it will allow much needed space for your new blooms to grow. 

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