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Reasons to consider a 5 star hotel break.

Do you ever question yourself what it’s like to stay in a 5-star hotel? Maybe you have seen your favorite celebrity relaxing at a luxurious hotel and wish you were there too? 

Granted, staying at a 5 star is not cheap. However, it is worth every penny you spend on it. Well, here are a few compelling reasons why you should save up and treat yourself to a 5-star experience. 

Amazing Designs and Amenities

You’ll find that everything from the entrance to the interior of a 5-star hotel looks terrific. You’ll be highly impressed with the décor, and the hotel’s aesthetics, such as the chandeliers and beautiful portraits hang on the walls.

Suites and guest rooms in luxury hotels are attractively decorated with high-quality interior décor. You’ll enjoy sufficient space, king-sized beds, clean premium bedding, and luxurious bath products.

Moreover, they have high standard furniture such as mirrored sideboards and luxurious seats.

Rooms come with a range of amenities, including coffee machines, robes, slippers, television sets, and high-quality toiletries, among others. You can also access recreational amenities such as spa services, gyms, swimming pools, and tennis courts.

These facilities can make your stay remarkable especially if it’s a vacation.

Great In-House Bars and Restaurant

Most 5-star hotels have in-house restaurants and bars serving various meals and drinks and high-quality wines.


Some 5-star hotels welcome you with a bouquet and other gifts like chocolates. Additionally, they may offer you a departing gift when you leave the hotel.

However, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll receive gifts. Some luxury hotels offer bonuses instead of gifts.  


Luxury hotels prioritize your security, and they ensure to keep your goods secure. They often have CCTV cameras installed at various hotel points and have special card access to the suite and rooms even when using the lift to your floor.

Quality Services

The exceptional and consistent quality service is the main differentiating factor between a luxury hotel and other hotels. 

Most 5-star hotels have a staff of highly trained personnel willing to meet your every need as a guest. At every interaction, they also offer the highest levels of individualized service. They’re ready to please you and ensure your comfortability.

Furthermore, you’ll feel like the staff is always available and willing to serve you at any time. If you experience any problem, customer care at the front desk will answer your call and act promptly.

The Senses

From the first step you take in a 5-star hotel, you’ll notice a fantastic scent wafting in the air. You’ll be pleased because a good smell can add to your experience in the hotel.

Luxury hotels are more than good-looking. All surfaces and everything is pristinely clean and cared for because they pay attention to small details. 

Additionally, fixtures and controls will function precisely hence leaving you content.


Luxury hotels get it right at all times. From the way the staff greets you the exceptional services delivered to you, there is little to complain about 5-star hotels. What’s better, you can expect the same every time you visit these hotels.

The next time you travel, consider treating yourself to a stay at a 5-star hotel. You will be happy with your decision.


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