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7 Favourite Themes For Photobooks.

Every day we write our own story but wouldn’t it be great if we could share these moments with our friends and family? Creating a photobook is a great way of collecting all of the memories together and creating something beautiful. Here are some themes to help you group your pictures together.


Getting away on holiday is a guaranteed way to fill up your phone with beautiful shots. There are plenty of apps from iTunes that can help you manage the photos so you don’t get duplicate photos. The best thing about using a photo book for holiday photos is that you can get the date and place of the trip so that you never forget it.


If you are lucky enough to spend time with your family, you can get a little snap happy. This is not a bad thing because you can put all of the photos into a book, get multiple copies printed, and give them to everyone in the New Year. You could even get people to send you their photos to add in.

Growing up

This is a great gift idea for the teenager in your life, especially as they hit certain age milestones. Creating a mixture of baby pictures up to their birthday can help show them how far they have come. You should have the tissues on hand for this option, it can get emotional.

My year

Collecting photos from around the year and creating a book at the end is a fantastic way to group the year together. How many times have you remembered an event but completely forgotten what year it happened? Probably too often. Again, this can be a great gift for people that you don’t see very often, such as older relatives who don’t have social media.


Umm … are travel photos not the same as vacation photos? Not quite. There is a good chance you have a beautiful collection of landscapes and architecture that warrants a book of its own. You might want to add a couple of arty photos to the vacation book, but keep all of the family photos out of the travel book.


Thanks to Instagram, the world is obsessed with what is on our plates. Can you blame them? I’m sure you have finished icing a cake or pulled something out of the oven, and thought to yourself that it looked awesome. So why not create your own photobook of your prettiest meals?


Our pets can make a massive impact in our life, so they get a special mention. Just don’t wait until your pets have passed to create the book as a memory. Do it while they are still with you, they might enjoy looking at the pictures of themselves.

When it comes to making a photobook, there are no rules. Create the book as you see fit and fill them with as many memories as you can. These are your books, so fill them with you and your life.

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