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4 Tips To Help Your Child With Their Fear Of Flying

If your child is scared of flying you might find that traveling can be stressful. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to help your child overcome their fear.

1 . Teach Them New Things

To help your child with their fear, try teaching them some new things about aeroplanes. Use books, apps, and online videos to show them the mechanics of planes. Talk about how planes are made, and ask your child if they have any questions. At this point, it might be a good idea to ask them why they are scared of flying. If you know the reason behind their fear, you’ll find it easier to support them. Fun aeroplane books for kids include The Noisy Areoplane by Mike Downs, and Miss Mouse Takes Offby Jan Ormerod.

2. Distracting Activities

The best way to help your child on a plane is to distract them. Bring along lots of activities and snacks, to divert their attention. You can bring games, colouring, books or teddy bears. Bring toys that will help your child to feel safe and comfortable. Pack their favorite foods, and ask them what they’d like to do on the plane. With the help of distracting activities, you’ll help your child to relax.

3. Meditation Apps

When your child is feeling panicked, meditation is a great way to calm them down. There are several meditation apps for kids, here are a few of the top picks:

This app has plenty of meditation and mindfulness activities to help kids stay calm. It’s perfect to use on the plane, and it’s also useful to encourage sleep. Kids can get rewards, and learn about the art of mindfulness.

  • Smiling Mind

With the help of this meditation app kids can practice mindfulness, meditate, and learn how to relax. Your kids will just love these peaceful exercises! If your children don’t tend to like apps, teach them a few breathing exercises yourself.

4. Practice The Airport Steps

Before you take your child to the airport you might want to do a practice run. You can take them to visit the airport, and show them the different areas. Explain that this is where you’ll be going before your trip. Tell them how the airport works, and the things you need to do there. You could also try acting out the plane journey at home! Kids love role play, and it may even help them to feel less scared. Keeping your child calm will help you to enjoy your family holiday.

  • Preparing for your trip

Before you go on a trip you’ll need to get organised. From researching your activities to booking your transfers, there is lots to do. You may need a visa, depending on where you are traveling to. To get help with a UK spouse visa extension you’ll need to contact an immigration lawyer. It’s best to start preparing for your trip well in advance. With the right preparation, you’ll have a hassle-free trip.


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