Personalised Gifting – Not Just For Kids!

One of my friends asked me the other day if I had any tips or hacks to get the kids interested in reading. With the constant presence of phones, tablets, computers and TV, managing to get a child excited about sitting still and reading a book is probably harder now than it ever has been before!

I told her one thing that worked for me was buying personalised books, with your child’s name included on the cover and inside, making them instantly more appealing and engaging – after all, what kid doesn’t want to feel like the centre of attention?

However, one thing I realised at some point while shopping online for new books is that personalised gifts in general are a great idea for anyone and everyone. We all know the first rule of buying presents: “It’s the thought that counts”. Personalised gifts prove that we’ve put that extra bit of thought into buying a present for that special someone.

Personalised Gift Ideas

If you’re surrounded by a lot of family and friends, it can feel like barely a week passes by without some sort of occasion that requires buying a present! Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and of course Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day are all great fun, but they also mean it’s time to get your purse out again. Buying a personalised gift offers a chance to break the monotony of scouring the shelves of a shop for something that seems even slightly thoughtful.

I’ve found that for birthday gifts, items that give the recipient a chance to look back on their life so far (especially the older generation) are always greatly appreciated, especially if it’s a milestone age. The newspaper history books and sets here achieve this perfectly, even if your recipient is in their nineties!

For weddings and anniversaries, anything that commemorates and immortalises the special day itself is always a great idea. You can find many companies or even DIY artists online who will create stunning visual pieces incorporating the names of the happy couple and the date they tied the knot. These are great because they’ll never go out of fashion.

The Statistics

A research study by Deloitte showed that the main reason consumers purchase personalised products of any kind was to gift them to someone else. This figure is backed up by another study by Censuswide, where, after polling a thousand UK shoppers, it was predicted that £750 million would be spent over Christmas 2020 on personalised gifts alone.

The main reason shoppers gave for buying a personalised gift was that they considered them to be more thoughtful. In our tech-savvy modern world, influenced massively by social media, there is definitely an increased impetus to express yourself and your individuality more openly, and for that reason I’ve found that a lot of people prefer having unique items personal to them dotted around the house and on their walls as opposed to the standard items you’d find at any big retail outlet.


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