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In recent years many of us have become well aware that we need to do better by this wonderful world of ours and have made steps toward doing just that. We are becoming more conscious of the need to recycle, refill and reuse though I’m sure we can all admit that this is slightly easier in some areas than others. 

For those of us who have periods, sanitary wear is a great way to start thinking about how we can do better and there are many options open to us – period pants, menstrual cup and reusable pads. In writing this post, I am very aware that although cheaper in the long run, the initial cost in purchasing enough reusable sanitary pads can be out of budget for some – hopefully this is something that will change over time to make reusable products more accessible for all. 

Making the change from disposable to reusable sanitary wear does take a bit of thought and can be a bit of a faff – but saving the world is never going to be a walk in the park. I must admit that initially I was a bit lazy and considered myself far too busy doing very little to possibly be able to make such a huge change. In reality the change to reusable sanitary pads is simply just changing habit,  thinking ahead a little and staying on top of the washing. 

Trade To Aid Reusable Sanitary Pads. 

Trade to Aid sanitary pads come as a pack of six. Each pack contains two light flow pads, two medium flow pads, two heavy flow pads and a waterproof wet bag. The pads come with a colourful design and are made from recycled plastic and natural bamboo charcoal meaning that not only are they kind to the environment but they are also kind to you. The pads are super soft, comfortable to wear and really simple to use – not too fiddly with the poppers. When you’re ready to change just fold them in, button them up and put them in the wet bag ready for washing. A pack of six pads costs £29.97 which feels like a very fair price. Unlike some other companies there isn’t isn’t a variety of designs to choose from but you know what? I’m OK with that because I rarely have the time to gaze at my underwear anyway. 

Why Consider Trade To Aid Sanitary Pads? 

Period poverty is now acknowledged as a major issue worldwide,  as many as 3 in 10 girls in the UK struggle to access sanitary products. UNICEF write that having a period and not being able to manage their menstruation in a dignified way can cause exclusion, anxiety and affect school attendance. Not only do these reusable sanitary pads do exactly what they are meant to (while remaining comfortable throughout) and contribute to a better planet by reducing landfill. Trade to Aid have also joined the fight against period poverty and for every pack of pads sold, they donate a pack to someone in need of period products. As if that wasn’t QUITE enough, Trade To Aid are also a non-profit social business – any profit after those donations are used to fund menstrual education and hygiene programmes in order to fight period poverty and tackle misconceptions and stigmas surrounding menstruation.  

By choosing Trade To Aid Sanitary Pads, you can do good with your periods and help contribute toward better periods for all. 

Trade To Aid Sanitary Pads Giveaway. 

The generous folk at Trade To Aid have kindly agreed to giveaway a pack of six reusable sanitary pads worth £29.97 to one lucky winner. All you need to do is click the link below to be in with a chance of winning.

Good Luck! 

Trade To Aid Reusable Sanitary Pads Giveaway


I was given a pack of Trade To Aid reusable sanitary pads in return for review – all thoughts are mine. 


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