Outdoor furniture: what it should be and how to choose it correctly


The opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and fresh air is one of the main advantages of the garden of your home, the outdoor area of cafes, restaurants or hotels. Comfortable designer furniture creates a special atmosphere and gives pleasure from communicating with loved ones. It is important to take into account that the furniture is suitable not only for the style of the lounge area, but also could withstand all the vagaries of the climate. Garden furniture helps to cope with this perfectly. For example, you can buy rattan furniture in Dubai from the company Parasol. This is one of the best furniture manufacturing companies that provides a two-year warranty on its products and takes care that every customer is satisfied.

Features of outdoor furniture

The frame material and fabric for outdoor furniture are chosen based on the operating conditions. When buying, many factors are taken into account, the main of which are the location, climate, and intensity of use. Outdoor tables, sofas and chairs should be functional and versatile. You can find out more about the criteria for deciding furniture for outdoor establishments from this article.

When choosing outdoor furniture, the following factors should be considered:

  1. Aesthetics. Choose furniture to match the style of your establishment, so you will create a pleasant atmosphere. They always come back to where it’s nice and cozy.
  2. Furniture parameters. Take into account the fact that too light structures can be blown away by the wind, and heavy ones will be difficult to move. However, the furniture should fit the size of the open area.
  3. Compactness. It is best to buy furniture with the possibility of transformation. For example, if necessary, you can fold the furniture neatly and remove it so that it does not take up space.
  4. Storage conditions. It is advisable to install furniture under shadow systems so that the sun or rain does not spoil its quality.
  5. Features of the material. Choose furniture for the climate typical of your place. Also pay attention to the fact that the furniture can be cleaned quickly in case of anything. Manufacturers offer garden furniture made of plastic, metal, natural or artificial rattan, stone, wood.

The choice of material for outdoor furniture: pros and cons

Everyone wants to buy outdoor furniture so that it will last for many years and not lose its original appearance. Therefore, before buying, it is important to pay attention to the materials of manufacture of the product.

Furniture made of artificial rattan

  • is resistant to aggressive environmental influences: it is not afraid of moisture, does not fade in the sun, withstands temperature changes;
  • light weight, which allows you to frequently change the location of furniture;
  • durable, withstands heavy load;
  • long service life.

Of the minuses, such furniture is not a cheap pleasure.

Outdoor furniture made of synthetic fibers

Furniture made of polyester fibers is quite common, as it has a number of advantages:

  • wear resistance and durability;
  • a large range of products (thanks to flexible properties, you can make almost any product design);
  • safe and eco-friendly;
  • mobility (outdoor furniture made of polyester fibers is quite light, so it can be rearranged at any time if necessary);
  • attractive appearance.

The disadvantage of such outdoor furniture is that it is suitable only for sunny weather, and it is desirable to hide it from the rain so that it does not lose its properties.


  • aesthetic appearance;
  • creating products in any style;
  • environmental friendliness. Wood products are safer for health than non-natural;
  • long service life;
  • practicality and ease of care.

However, despite the initial treatment of wood and coating it with protective agents, such products require constant care. It is also better to protect wooden furniture from external weather factors. Usually, umbrellas are purchased for protection from the sun and rain. They are made of fabric that does not allow moisture or polyethylene to pass through.


As for metal outdoor furniture, it is mainly presented in the form of forged products. Such furniture will fit perfectly into your site and has many other advantages:

  • a luxurious appearance (forged tables, chairs and benches look very attractive);
  • durability (such outdoor furniture is able to serve you for many years without losing its qualities);
  • durability (such products are resistant to corrosion, and are also able to withstand any mass);
  • easy to care for.

The second option of metal outdoor furniture is aluminum products, which also has its advantages:

  • endurance;
  • durability;
  • mobility (due to the lightness of the material, such outdoor furniture can be easily rearranged, thereby introducing a new look at the layout of the street area);
  • moisture resistance and corrosion resistance;
  • easy to care for.

However, outdoor furniture made of metal has its disadvantages:

  • wrought metal products are quite expensive, but the cost is justified by a beautiful appearance. A more affordable option would be outdoor furniture made of aluminum.
  • it heats up easily in the sun, so it is important to purchase an umbrella for protection;
  • due to their own gravity, the legs of metal tables, chairs and benches go deep into the loose soil, so it is advisable to use paved areas for the placement of metal furniture;
  • for additional protection, it is necessary to periodically treat with moisture-repellent agents.



  • low cost;
  • quite light products;
  • convenient and practical to care for – you can quickly clean the products;
  • large selection of designs.

Of the minuses – such furniture quickly burns out in the sun and is subject to mechanical damage.

Choosing furniture for a garden, a terrace at a restaurant or a hotel, preference is given to practical designs, while taking into account the advice and recommendations of landscape design specialists. Financial possibilities and the style of the room are also taken into account. Among the budget options, products made of plastic, aluminum and synthetic fibers are well suited. More expensive and refined materials include wood, rattan and wrought iron.

In addition, for a longer service life of outdoor furniture, it is recommended to equip it with protective devices. So, for example, umbrellas are well suited from precipitation and the sun. Among many choices, you will definitely find something suitable for your design. In addition, today protective umbrellas have become an integral part of the street decor. After all, they not only fit well into the exterior style, but also have a protective function.



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