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The Top 5 Exotic Destinations for Families

Families tired of the usual holiday destination may want to consider visiting something new, unusual, and exotic. These places offer activities that are a little bit more thrilling and exhilarating, something that will make your family holiday truly exciting. So, where should you go? Below, check out this list of the top exotic destinations for families.

  • Croatia 

Blessed with beautiful nature, crystal clear seas, historical towns, and stunning coastline, Croatia is a wonderful destination for family vacations. Here, you can combine outdoor fun with sightseeing and relaxing days at the beach. Dubrovnik is a great place to visit, especially if your kids are fans of the Game of Thrones. The Old Town has a long and rich history and is home to some UNESCO World Heritage Sites. For kids who love outdoor adventures, the best places to take them are Krka National Park and Plitvice Lakes National Park, where they can go hiking, kayaking, or mountain climbing.

  • Seychelles 

Seychelles may be famous for being a honeymoon destination, but it’s also ideal for families with kids. In Seychelles, the beaches are safe for the kids since many bays have offshore reefs that offer protection from the open seas. The most convenient way to visit this archipelagic island with the kids is to book onto an all inclusive luxury Seychelles holiday. You and your kids can enjoy water activities like kayaking, windsurfing, and snorkelling on your holiday in Seychelles. If you want to get off the water and explore inland, you can visit the Botanical Gardens on Mahe Island or explore the Vallée de Mai national park.

  • Tanzania 

Tanzania is a fairly safe country to visit for families with kids. Aside from its massive game parks and reserves, such as the Ngorongoro and Serengeti, Tanzania is also home to pristine beaches. Going on a safari is the most popular family activity here. The Serengeti National Park is the best place for this, especially if you visit during the Great Wildebeest Migration. Your kids can also go on Chimpanzee Tracking adventures, which you can combine with a visit to the Katavi National Park and Lake Tanganyika. But Tanzania is not only about the wildlife – but it’s also home to stunning beaches where your kids can swim and enjoy some water sports.

  • Vietnam

Based in South East Asia, Vietnam is an ideal vacation choice for a family, especially if you’re looking for some exotic places to visit. It’s especially safe for the kids and offers tons of fun activities that your kids will surely enjoy. Go on a cruise in the Halong Bay and enjoy water activities like kayaking and fishing. Visit the mountainous town of Sapa, trek to the mountains, and explore local villages. To save you from the hassles of organising your family trip to Vietnam, consider booking a Luxury Vietnam Travel tour, which you can customise depending on the attractions and activities you wish to do with your kids.

  • Brazil 

Brazil offers plenty of family-friendly activities, such as snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters of Bonito’s Rio da Prata and hiking Chapada Diamantina, a stunning national park home to waterfalls, underground rivers, and incredible caves. Your kids will also enjoy spending some time at the gorgeous beaches of Rio de Janeiro and exploring the Amazon jungle. So, if you’re looking for an exotic destination to take your kids to, Brazil is perfect!

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