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What to Look for in Your Next Family Holiday

Are you planning your next family holiday? Feeling a little overwhelmed at the number of options available? Wondering how you’ll find something that’ll keep the whole family happy for a week or two?

Then don’t worry.

I’ve put together a top list of things to consider when you’re looking for your next family holiday:

Short Flight Times

If you’re travelling with really young kids, you don’t want to spend hours upon hours travelling to your destination – it’s just going to be too stressful for all you. So, look for locations that you can fly to within a few hours (most of Europe!).

You’ll also want to check out the airline’s requirements before you go. Some will make you add on items like baby carriers or pushchairs, so don’t get caught out when you get to the airport.

Family-Friendly Locations

A lot of hotels will say they’re ‘family-friendly’ but this could just be because they’re not an ‘adults-only’ hotel.

Dig a little deeper into what the hotel offers to see if it really does have the kid-friendly qualities you’re looking for. For example, does it offer kids’ clubs, is the food catered to children as well as adults, and is there a kids’ swimming pool that’s shallower than the others?

All of these factors will play a huge role in your decision. And it’s also worth checking out the surrounding areas to make sure there’s plenty to do. For instance, hotels like the Green Garden Resort, Tenerife, are right in the heart of all the action so you’ll have peace of mind that it’s easy to get to the beach, do activities and explore the local area without too much hassle.


If you’re staying within Europe you should be OK with the weather but it is worth considering how hot it’s going to be when you get there. While glorious sunshine beaming down on you on the beach may sound appealing, it may not be a welcome addition if the kids start complaining that they’re too hot and quickly become dehydrated.

Nevertheless, if it is going to be quite warm when you travel there, just check that there’s plenty to do during those peak hours when the sun’s at its hottest. That way, you can get the best of both worlds.

Visiting any new area is an exciting time regardless of how old you are, and by putting these steps in place before you go, you can rest assured that you’ll all enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

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