How To Maintain Good Oral Hygiene Without Breaking the Bank

Everyone aims to have perfectly straight, beautiful pearly whites. Yet, with a dental office visit costing anywhere between £20-£180, cost-conscious Britons often leave dental visits until the last minute. Despite this, you cannot put a price tag on your health, and professional dental care is essential to catch potential risks before they become more significant problems.

Fortunately, patients can do much to help by themselves, and it is becoming easier and easier to achieve a beautiful, sparkling smile and maintain good oral health without burning a hole in your wallet. The key is a good home oral routine and regular visits to your dentist for examinations and cleaning. If you’re still unsure, we’ve outlined several ways to maintain good oral hygiene (cost-effectively!), from taking out a Denplan to adequate water consumption – keep reading to find out more.

Don’t Avoid Trips To The Dentist

Prevention is the most cost-effective and successful way to maintain good oral hygiene. Although you can take various measures at home to care for your mouth, teeth, and gums, no measures come close to professional dental care. Therefore, it is essential that you don’t avoid trips to the dentist and aim to schedule appointments bi-annually even if you aren’t experiencing any problems.

Scheduling regular visits to your dentist enable you to access optimal dental health, which means understanding your teeth, gums, and mouth and minimising the risk of having to schedule emergency appointments further down the line. If you’d like to combine routine dental care with emergency cover, you could consider taking out a Denplan for a regular monthly payment.

A Denplan makes caring for your mouth, teeth, and gums more cost-effective, which covers your routine dental check-ups, emergency cover, and even specialist insurance for injuries. Depending on your dental health, the price you’ll be expected to pay may fluctuate; for an accurate quote, consider contacting providers like Cheriton Dental Practice. Visit their website for their complete list of services and patient testimonials, or contact a team member for specific inquiries.

Use The Correct Equipment

So, you brush your teeth twice a day, floss regularly, use mouthwash, and even brush in-between mealtimes – that’s amazing! However, having a proper oral routine in place is useless if you’re not using the correct equipment. Your toothbrush’s shape, feel, and texture is essential, as you want to ensure it’s comfortable and doesn’t irritate your mouth and gums.

If you’re unsure which equipment to use, we recommend reaching out to your dentist, who will be able to offer you advice based on your dental health, such as soft-bristled brushes, fluoride toothpaste etc. Additionally, remember to replace your toothbrush every twelve to sixteen weeks to avoid the build-up of harmful bacteria and ensure you get a proper clean each time.

Avoid Carbonated Drinks

As much as we all like a can of Sprite or Coca-Cola, drinking sugary, acidic, carbonated drinks regularly can cause the surface of your teeth to erode, making your mouth, teeth, and gums more susceptible to common dental problems like tooth decay etc. Instead of reaching for a twenty-pack of Coca-Cola the next time you go grocery shopping, opt for water, coconut water, or milk, and pick up natural flavourings like lemon, berries, and lime to enhance their flavour.















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